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Life is happening, and you’re missing out

By August 15, 2023No Comments

We hear so much about how we need to change our lives, our bodies, our diets or even our parenting before it will be ‘good enough’. We get stuck thinking we need to wait until we’ve achieved those elusive standards until we can start.

Well, Lyndi suggests a wild concept. Don’t wait. Start now.

Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight to start running.

Don’t wait until you’ve perfected the cafe-with-kids routine to go out for milkshakes.

Life is ready for you to live it now.

Listen to Lyndi’s SEVEN. Seven questions that get to the bottom of the routines and mindsets that she lives by. I love learning from Lyndi, and I think you will too x

One more thing…

If you’re struggling with this whole self love journey, I have something that might help. I recorded some Self Love Audio Notes that you can listen to.

Six simple audio notes you can listen to whenever you need a self love boost.

They’re free, and you can pop them on and listen whenever you need reminding that you are, in fact, pretty fucking amazing.

Pop your email below and I’ll shoot you a link to listen.