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Hey legends,

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to introduce you guys to the people who inspire me in a new series of blog posts. 

I wanted to kick it all off by interviewing my partner Michael, because he is easily one of the most genuine and inspiring guys getting around. 

I’m obviously a tad biased but the rest of Australia seems to love him too! I’m always getting asked how he’s going, what he’s been up to, if he has a brother …. haha!

Anyway, you guys sent me a stack of questions to ask him and he’s very kindly answered as many as he could. 

So, let’s hand things over to Mr Hoskin….

Turia xx

When was the first moment you realised you loved Turia?

The first night we kissed I thought “Wow, this chick is really cool and fun”. I honestly thought we had a future together that night. So from there the love just grew stronger and stronger. 

What are your passions and goals?

I’m extremely passionate about the ocean. I’m currently working on my free diving. This allows my mind to be free and live in a world where there are no rules or distractions. It sounds crazy! My current goal is to expand my lung capacity from three minutes to five minutes and reach depths beyond 50 metres. 

Based on your life experience, what is one bit of advice that you would give to your younger self in order to get through the challenges that life often brings?

Remain calm, don’t be distracted by negative people, surround yourself with people you are inspired by, read more books.

Three words to describe yourself?

Healthy, calm, adventurous.

What do you like the most about Turia?

Her demeanour. Turia is always happy, energetic and absorbs all facets of life she encounters.

Describe what love means to you?

Being happy with the person you share life with. Being able to laugh and cry together and feel totally free whilst you are around each other.

How has your identity changed as a result of facing the challenges of the last five years or so? 

My identity has not changed. I have just walked a different path in life then I expected. I have tried to make the most out of our situation and remained positive throughout the ordeal. I would emphasis I appreciate life more these days and grasp each day with enthusiasm regardless of the weather or place in which I may be.

How did you cope in the early days of Turia’s treatment? How did you keep it together when I’m sure you were overwhelmed! 

I kept to myself as my friends didn’t have a clue what I was going through. I didn’t expect them to either. It was difficult but watching Turia’s progress gave me hope and helped me move forward. I loved watching her walk further and further each day. This brought tears to my eyes and kept me sane. I echoed the doctors’ words in my head: “She will get better, we can fix her, it will take years but there will be light at the end of the tunnel”.

What has changed you the most since Turia’s accident?

I’m still the same however, I absorb more from life, I take opportunities if they are there. 

Other than Turia, who & what has been your pillar of strength throughout the past 5 years?

My pillar of strength has been Turia’s mother, my mother and father and in a spiritual sense the ocean. Whenever I had bad days, I would be fortunate enough to jump in the ocean and just let my body float. It’s surprising what the salt does to your mind.

Who do you feel influenced you positively growing up and made you the amazing man you are today?

A whole range of people, I looked at older people when I was younger and picked little things from their demeanour that I liked and tried to incorporate that into my personality. For instance, I would see an older aggressive person and think, “Wow he looks like a goose, I will try never to be like him”.

I would see someone speak calmly but directly and think, “Wow, they are pretty cool I would like to handle a situation like them”.

I did read a lot of autobiographies on sports stars I idolised. I loved reading these books and finding our what their life was/is like. I still love reading them today.

What have you learnt about yourself over the past 5 years?

I’m just a normal person who was there for my partner when she needed me. There are thousands of other partners that go through trauma and get through it. I realise life can be really cruel and also really beautiful. You just have to ride the emotions and look forward to the future.

Does Turia have any really annoying habits?

Yes, she is really stubborn, she hates being told what to do and she loves talking – sometimes I need to get away from her to give my ears a rest haha.

Who was the last band you’ve seen live?

The Swaggers, they are a local band. I was meant to go and see Florence and the Machine however, it all fell through. Next time.

What’s the coolest place you have travelled to and why?

The coolest place would have to be the Nuku Hiva and Island in the Marquesas in French Polynesia. Very simple way of life still hunting for their food and getting around on horse and cart. There are pretty much zero tourists there and you land a by plane on top of a mountain. It’s like you go back in time.

Was there ever a time, even just for a second, that you wavered in his strength and commitment during Turia’s recovery?

Yes, of course there were several times I had to walk away from Turia because we just spent too much time together. I would go away to the beach sit on the sand by myself, have a cry and think why can life be so cruel. But I needed to do this because it was an emotional release. 

How did you recharge yourself?

I found swimming was an excellent release and recharged my mind and body. When Turia started doing Physiotherapy in our local town I would take myself to the sea pool or leisure centre and swim. I still love swimming these days it clears my mind and I feel strong after each session.

What challenges you (besides Turia) in your everyday life? Work or sport?

I’m challenged by diving deeper in the ocean. Sounds simple but reaching that deeper depth and feeling totally a peace is a feeling I often think about. I recently did several free diving courses on a boat called “The Ocean Divine”. I’m now great friends with the owner and he has taken my mind to a place I never knew existed, or, have experienced. I often refer to state of mind when I’m on the ocean floor into everyday life. When things seem stressful I revert back to this and the task at hand becomes achievable.

When you had bad days or struggled what kept you strong?

Seeing Turia move forward with her recovery. Again the ocean was a spiritual healer (And I’m no hippy). I was a realist too. I would say, “Well this has been tough, shitty week. I really hope next week will be better” and most of the time it was.

How do you keep fit?

I swim regularly, try and do one body workout a week and a run or two. I surf and dive when the ocean is kind.

Favourite book/author?

Head over Heels by Sam Bailey (This booked helped a lot when Turia was sick).

Elon Musk – I love this man’s determination/mindset.

John Grisham – This man takes my mind into a fantasy world allowing me to drift in and out of reality.

April Fools Day by Bryce Courtenay. I love his novels.

Favourite place to eat in Ulladulla?

Hahaha! There are too many choices but I do love a traditional Tony’s pizza. Lot’s of Italian heritage in that one.

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  • Carla Chaves says:

    Turia, the love between you and Michael really inspires me and gives me hope. While being judged for being 12 years older than my boyfriend, I fight against people’s opinion about my relationship. I believe that when two people want to be together, their decision should be respected regardless of what you think how old one or the other will look like in 10 years.
    Your journey with Michael has shown that life happens and you have to give exactly what you want to receive.
    Thanks Turia for sharing your life.

  • Janice Glenn says:

    Thank you for th eBook Turia – and for sharing Michaels thoughts on life. I am going to pass on some of his advice to my teenage sons – you are both an inspiration. May you both know true contentment and happiness. Xx

  • Dawn Tottle says:

    Beautiful, I would love for Micheal to interview you

  • Aaliya says:

    I love reading about the two of you, and how you defied the odds to stay true to each other. The world needs more people like you and Michael. May your lives be filled with happiness, and peace always. Xxx

  • Steve Whitehead says:

    Thanks for this. I sat reading the questions and answers to my wife, in bed, as we wrestled with getting up. We had both wondered about all of these questions.
    Although I too have enjoyed novels by authors like Bryce Courtney, I always end up coming back to one book that inspires me to toughen up and keep going. It is Cassell’s Tales of Endurance, by Fergus Fleming. Some of the blurb says “stunning accounts of more than 40 of the most extraordinary feats in the history of exploration”. Whenever I feel a little down, or in need of some inspiration, I reach for this book, and it puts everything in perspective. Sadly, some of the explorers did not survive their ordeals, but they died living life to the full. Others survived the most incredible tests, and inspired others to never give up.
    This is why I was immediately drawn to both of you.
    Thank you.

  • Taylor says:

    Hey Turia!
    You are the most inspirational person to me. What you have been through and achieved in your life is nothing short of amazing! The love that you and Michael share is so beautiful and the two of you deserve all the happiness in the world! Your love is a timely reminder that there are still amazing people in this world, the fact that you and Michael have grown stronger as a couple after having your life turned upside down is a true testiment to the amazing people you both are. Every day you inspire me to be a better person and to look at all great things that are in this life. Since seeing at our school years ago I have taken on all the opportunities presented to me and am a better person now for it! So thankyou! Words cannot describe how truly amazing and inspirational you and Michael are! Thankyou for sharing your story with the world and making us stronger because of it!
    Taylor xx

  • aly says:

    Thank you a lot for this share♡♡♡