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Mindset Strategies

You are doing too much

By June 7, 201815 Comments

Hey champ,

Every time I send out this weekly blog, I get stacks of replies from people telling me how this is the year they’re going to radically improve something in their life.

That’s awesome, right? Nothing makes me happier than knowing my strategies and stories are connecting with you!

But there’s a similar theme in most emails I receive.

People will first tell me what their goal is, and then they’ll share all their elaborate plans to achieve it, often looking like this:

  • Daily 5 am yoga class
  • Run for an hour at lunch time
  • Only drink green smoothies for breakfast etc etc etc

Now, if you’ve set a big goal, made radical changes, stuck to them and completely overhauled your life like this, GO YOU!!!

But that approach doesn’t work for everyone.

And if that approach isn’t working for you right now, have you thought that potentially, you might be trying to do too much at once?

The fact that you want to make change in your life is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I’m really proud of you!!

But if you wanna make serious and lasting change, I think you have to start small.

Think about it this way. If you had never snorkelled before, would you expect to be able to free dive to 100m tomorrow?


Are you crazy?

Change is most effective when it is sustainable.

So, if you want to improve your health, start small.
Start with drinking more water, or going for a walk in the morning.

Just pick one thing and do it daily.

That’s how you build habits – not by overhauling your life in one go, but by making one small change and sticking to it until it becomes second nature.

It’s the same for any change you want to make – whether it’s about your fitness, business, money or relationships.

Start small, be consistent. That’s the recipe for success. Tweet it!

Has that struck a chord with you? Let me know if you’ve been trying to do too much, in the comments below.

Turia xx


  • Del says:

    Such perfect timing with this little bit of “get it together” advice. I’m that person who goes big & it falls over – constantly.
    Time for a change!

  • Hi Turia,
    Thanks for your inspirational email.
    What you said struck a chord with me. Last week and the weeks previously had been incredibly busy with so much going on. I had a thought on Wednesday that I really wanted life to slow down for me. So it did – the next day I broke my leg!
    Now it has really slowed down. I can’t walk further than the letter box, can’t work, can’t do yoga, can’t run, can’t do Tai Chi and can’t even do piano lessons! However, I have achieved a lot in a week. I have decluttered a lot of paperwork and done lots of things around the house that I couldn’t do before because I was always out doing things! I have been kind of enjoying the last week – kind of 🙂

  • melissa says:

    thank you Turia
    In the world that tells me that we can have everything if we just work hard for it, I’m exhausted.
    I am a high school art teacher and this year I’m also new to being year 9 advisor. I also do portrait and wedding photography – but have stopped accepting bookings for now. I am teaching a new course in Photography this year and that has meant writing new units of work etc. I am exhibiting my artworks in an upcoming exhibition and so have just completed a Body of Work of drawings and photographs. I had foot surgery 4 weeks ago and now am completely frustrated at the slow progress and having to sit with my foot up for as many hours as I can a day. and the weight that I put on during the non exercise period and recovery zone – so I need to do something about that when I can. My middle son is getting married this year. My eldest recently moved out of home with his fiance and my youngest just finished school to start a trade. So my mothering is shifting gears. My husband and I are also trying to teach the youngest to drive at the moment. Just writing this kinda helps me see that maybe I am doing too much. Oh and I am trying to write my first book. What do you think? Should I cut back on something?

    • Barbara Deen says:

      Hello Tauria
      Great advice here, in everything we do in life.. It’s great to use building blocks something we can continually build on. Small steps always achieve the same outcomes, but over a longer period as we set the pace as we go. A to do list is great… But always be mindful of what one can actually do effectively without burn out or frustration. Cheers Barbara Deen x

  • Geraldine Crawley says:

    Good advice!
    I’m finding that if I break things up into smaller achievable packages I am more successful at reaching goals
    Add the little packages together and presto … I’m on my way
    Thx for your words particularly about mindset magic
    I once told you that I was too old for setting goals … I was wrong …there’s always something to achieve or not ( if that’s a goal)
    I’ve also learned never ever give up
    If I don’t make it one day go for it the next and the next and eventually I make it

  • Christine Gratia says:


    First of all, How beautifully written your comment was. I could truly see my story in this. Thank you for opening up that opportunity. If I may have a humble opinion I think you should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. What you’ve managed to do in your life is no small feat. Perhaps taking some time to reflect on that and honoring your body by giving it some much needed rest is in order? Sounds like you may allow that release and be thankful for it. Good luck melissa, peace and love


  • Juliana says:

    Thank you, Turia! I love your e-mails. Kisses from Brazil! 🙂

  • Kym Garth says:

    Hey hi!!
    I hear what you are saying Turia.. thing is I was trying to do to much and, well, life has thrown me a curve ball and has made me slow down by manifesting breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy but found it spread so another surgery and now I’m healing to start Chemo and radiation for 8 months! I wish I had of “slowed down” earlier and looked after myself more, however, NOW I can have some RnR and look after me while I heal. 2018 didn’t start out about me but it sure is finishing about me and I am going to listen to my body in the future by taking the time to “stop and smell the roses” and enjoy life instead of looking at he clock and seeing time literally pass me by!
    Cheers everyone ????

  • Ife says:

    Oh God! I just love you turia! Every mail from you speaks directly to my soul because it basically put out my worries and break down solutions..

  • Hilda says:

    5 am wake ups all too familiar with full time job, training for marathons and toddler hanging onto my pants. Top it off with walking the dog around the block and some dog wee to clean up from the carpet. Wooo bloody wooo!
    This came at a very appropriate time today!

  • Amy says:

    Hi Turia
    I work in Research Administration at a very competitive academic research medical school. To give you the break-down; I’m getting married in 2 weeks, moving, new school for my son, summer break, new system at work, end of fiscal year, recovering from a surgery…. these are just the things going on on the daily. I have been finding it very hard to execute effectively my desire to reclaim my health. I have been doing things to improve my health, but the results are slow to come. I get stressed out easily, but I have been sleeping well. I have always been a very black and white thinker, this causes problems and great frustration when it comes to what I think progress should look like. I get frustrated. I get discouraged. Thank you for this blog to remind me smaller steps will still get me there. Also loved the post on self-talk. Boy oh boy. My own worst enemy. Do you have a spreadsheet or a tool that you use to help you set goals? Are there tools out there? Will using a tool only boost my black and white thinking? It’s hard to know what smaller steps look like, when I’m prone to overloading my schedule anyway. Grateful for you. Sending love to you and your family.

  • Luciana says:

    Hi Turia, I really think this is a challenge to people who want to change, to the ones who have noticed that there is so much to improve in their own lifes.
    I’m following this path of self internal overhaul and there are so many aspects that I want to change and get better.. it looks like if I don’t do everything at the same time I wouldn’t have time for them all… but at the other hand doing all those things, big changes at the same time cause anxiety and some times frustration..
    Yeh you are right (in you post) but is difficult some times slowing down..

  • Amy says:

    Hi Turia
    I’m love reading your insights. I have a 2 year on and a 3 month old. I’m a stay at home Mum, and my husband works long hours. I’ve been trying to keep everything together, keep he house tidy, run my 2 year old to his activities, have dinner ready, have my sons dinner ready, bath him, while in between all this feed my newborn, try and settle her, wake at night etc. and throw in a Pilates session at night time. And yesterday it all got too much!! Trying to run before I can walk!! So this blog reminded me to just take a step back and all those things I’m trying to do, I need to prioritize what’s important. If dinners not done for us does it really matter?
    I just put so much pressure on myself and then get frustrated when I’m tired and don’t have the energy to do everything.

  • DIMITRA says:

    I will more more water and i swin every day in the sea 40 minutes!
    thank you Turia

  • Chantelle says:

    Hi Turia,

    This has definitely opened my eyes and mind. I have a near 1 year old who hasn’t been the best sleeper and is in constant need of my attention. I do 90% of his care and look after house, meals and iron the husband’s work clothes. I’m exhausted and I want to be fit, healthy and be the best mum and wife but I struggle. Since having my son I’ve lost 20kgs but I still have 15kgs to go. But the weight hasn’t changed in the last 6 months. I tell myself every week, let’s start this new beaut health regime tomorrow. I do it and then forget the day after because I’ve had 3 hours sleep the night before and I just have enough energy to care for my son and get the house and meals done.

    But thank You! I am going to start with one thing and do that consistently, I already did that with the water but was also motivates because I wanted to breastfeed. I’m going to do 10mins of exercise consistently a day. I can manage that. I want to make positive lasting habits. I keep telling myself I have to 30 mins a day of different exercises and it overwhelms me, I didn’t think to break it down to just 10mins, and maybe I might mix it up or do the same thing every day. But need to be consistent.

    I find what you say is very real and relatable. Thank you so much xx