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Hey champ,

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a woman named Megan. She wanted my advice on a decision she was facing. She told me that she came across a dream opportunity to work in New York ….. but she’s scared because it would be a huge change, one she’s not sure she’s ready for.

This fear has kept Megan stuck, and now she’s worried that too much time has passed and the opportunity may no longer be an option.

She’s scared she’s missed the boat.

This fear that Megan’s facing? We’ve all felt it. I certainly have.
It’s normal to feel uncertain when we’re approaching change or taking a risk.

But a few years ago, I learned something about hesitation.

I learned that hesitating can sometimes be more dangerous than the risk itself. 

I’ve filmed a quick vid about this lesson for Megan, and I reckon it might be useful for you too.

So, I want to know, are you hesitating right now? Maybe holding yourself back from making a big change or taking a risk?

If you are, watch the video below.

(Make sure you go to 2:23 to see me hesitate getting my words out hahaha!)


If you’re gonna do something, you have to commit. There’s no room for hesitation.Tweet it!

So, when the opportunity comes to do something big, don’t hesitate. Don’t overthink it. Make the leap, start before you’re ready, strike out for the unknown. The rewards will be worth it.

I’d love to know about a time when you’ve hesitated on making a big decision, so join me in the comments below.

Turia xx

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  • Jools says:

    I am sitting here with 3 fractures in my leg, plates and screws and swelling and pain, and my delightful crutches that are going to be my friend for another 3 months. My ironman Busselton dream for December this year is over. I’ll have to learn to walk again in September. But I’m thinking I could still swim, bike and maybe walk with a stick in a Half Ironman in December….??? I’d like to make a commitment to that and stick to it even though it’s wayyyyy too early in my recovery and the Dr thinks I shouldn’t do it #ivegotthis – Ironman 2018 for me!

  • Kylie says:

    Hi Turia,

    Awesome blog and video! I am currently in that indecision/ hesitation land and you are so totally right it has made it worse for me, to the point that it’s stressing me out so much with anxiety and worry. I have never been good at making decisions and have often leapt in life even with feeling the fear but choosing to anyway. This time I feel so uncertain what to do, I made a choice I thought was right, but it now feels wrong. So I am stuck. Unsure what to do and what the fear is exactly, is it fear just because it is uncertain or fear because actually it isn’t the right thing to do? How to discern that is my issue. In the meantime the decision feels even harder than before because I’m in that indecisive land. Any more tips would totally be welcomed! Out of interest did you yourself do any mindset courses that helped you overcome these kind of situations? x

  • Bettina Fameli says:

    Thank you – I hesitate every day. Will be open and aware and will push myself from this moment forward. ?

  • Vik says:

    Thanks for sage advice Turia. I hesitated for way too many years (30) to leave an abusive situation, knowing that I would be in a financially tough place. So I eventually left, and haven’t looked back. Still trying to find a job, but wouldn’t trade my broke state for what I’d left – for anything. I had been trying to gain a degree of fitness, but it never came, as I was probably despondent by my situation. Now I’m walking and training daily. My confidence is being restored by the random people who cross my path and share their life’s experiences. I’m not alone and am learning to look forward, not back.

  • Jane Lodge says:

    Great advice. I made a decision to join an 8800km bike ride about 8 months ago and the start date is now 2 weeks off. I’m really, really nervous about how I’ll go as I’m no spring chicken and I’m pretty slow (especially uphill) BUT I would’ve regretted not trying. I’m also terrified of bears — the ride is in Canada and there’s no way I could outrun one. I can only hope the last 8 months’ training will be enough to get me over the finish line.
    Love your work

  • Laura says:

    Great advice! I don’t have any great example in regards to this exactly. Although, I have made a decision recently which I made with very minimal hesitation. I am going to pack up my life and move somewhere where I don’t know anyone and leave behind all of my family and friends, my job and all that I have known, for the great unknown! It’s not happening for a few more months, and I know that now that’s the way it is and I have to roll with it, but I still do have my doubts whether or not I have made the right decision. I’m taking from your video, that you would recommend me to just look at all the positives about it and so they override the negative? Do you have any other advice?

  • Laura says:

    Thanks Turia!
    Just what I needed to hear today. I am in the middle of making a career decision too, and choosing between a number of options. I find it hard to make decisions but your advice to make a decision and just own it really rang true for me. Thanks legend! X

  • Chrystal says:

    Hi Turia,

    I love your posts- very helpful to me & Im one of your biggest fans! Every single decision in my life- large or small- I just go for it and then deal with any “problems” after. I just recently lost my beautiful Labrador, Mr Honeycomb when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child & a week later I got a new puppy- so now I have 2 human children under 2 years old and a golden retriever puppy but through all the daily madness I never regret any of it- I figure there is never the perfect time to do anything so just do it! The hardest part for me if convincing those around me it will be ok- everyone is my life is very supportive at the end of the day but any advice for getting loved ones on board quicker? I always feel I have to really “sell” everything to my loved ones

  • Karlie - Anne says:

    Hi Turia,
    I found your advice made alot of sense. If we waste time trying to decide to do something, what for? Just own it and move forward. I will need to work on this in my own life as ive sat on the fence with many things and even once ive made decisions stayed in limbo thinking have i made the right decision and sometimes hesitating by not committing fully. Sad now i look back and think what could have been if i had of applied myself in lots of areas or wasted time because i never fully decided. I appreciate what i have and where i am and going forward want to put your advice more into practice and hopefully ill get better at it. Thanks Turia for trying to help others with your advice, your an inspiration of light to me with your positivity and get on with it attitude in a sometimes a haze of negativity that can be floating about. Thanks! ? ?xo

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks Turia – this is great advice!