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Why I won’t apologise for being stubborn

By August 18, 2023One Comment

Stubborn was one of those words used to describe me as kid. And in my 20s. And actually probably now too.

I’ve decided to embrace stubbornness and all those other traits that could be considered my weakness and I reckon you should too.

I’ve got a tried and tested method. So make a cuppa, grab a pen and paper (or notes in your phone!) sit down, hit play below and get ready for a perspective shift.

AND, if you’re on you’re own little journey to self love, or self acceptance (or self-neutrality), you might might enjoy these little notes too:

One Comment

  • Nat says:

    Thank you I really appreciate everything you do ❤️

    I’ve always been described as feisty and a maverick, and reactive. But on the other side of that it makes me passionate, a strong advocate for others and sensitive to emotions.