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What would make your day great?

By December 13, 2018No Comments

Hey champ,

I want to share a really simple tip with you today.

See, in my first year of being a Mum, I found that I needed to simplify some things in my life.

Because, suddenly, I had a baby to look after, and that meant my capacity for “doing things” was reduced. I had to drop my expectations for what I could realistically achieve in one day, especially in the first few months. And I found that I needed to make time for myself – for the things that I enjoy doing.

I think that’s a feeling anyone can relate to – whether you have kids or not. Somehow, amongst all the priorities and “to-do’s”, you’ve got to make time for yourself.

So, today I wanted to share one of the simple tips that helped me do that this year.

It’s something I’d love you to try, especially now when there’s a lot going on, and everyone is in a mad rush to get things done before the holidays.

Every morning, when you wake up, I want you to ask yourself this question:
What would make today great?

Note: you’re not asking “What do I have to get done today?”. You’re asking yourself what would make your day awesome. Is it calling your best friend? Finishing off that major pitch? Buying a new plant? Going for a run or a surf?

Whatever it is, actively visualise yourself doing that thing today.

And then I need you to prioritise it. Give it value.

Whatever would make your day great today, do it.

I hope you take this tip on board, and start asking yourself this question. It can, and will, radically change your day!

And let me know what will make your day great, in the comments below.

Much love,
Turia xx