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What to say when you don’t know what to say

By November 29, 2018No Comments

You know what we all have in common?


Loss, hardship, challenges – we all have to deal with these things. No one is immune to hard times.

But that doesn’t make us all great at helping others through grief. Many of us have a hard time finding the words to say, or ways to help, when someone we know is having a hard time.

I get asked about this a lot too.

My inbox will often fill up with questions like: “My friend is in hospital after a really bad accident. What do I say and how can I help?”

The stories are always different but the question is the same: What do you say when someone is going through grief, loss or trauma?

I wanted to share some strategies with you, particularly in the lead up to the holidays – because this time of year, while happy for many, can be incredibly hard for others.

If you know someone experiencing grief or loss, and feel like you just don’t know what to say or how to help them, I’ve written a guide with some tips. It will help you learn what to say (and what to do) when you don’t know what to say.

I’ve turned it into a pdf, something you can save to your phone or computer, or print out, and return to whenever you feel a bit stuck for words.

Just pop your name and email in the form below and you’ll be taken straight to the download.
(You’ll also get a weekly strategy or tip from me, by way of a short letter).

I hope it helps.

With love,
Turia xx