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What to do when you feel overwhelmed

By March 10, 202237 Comments

Hey mate,

Wanted to remind you that it’s OK if you feel scared, and sad, and angry and overwhelmed right now.⁣

It’s normal. There’s a lot going on. And a lot of it IS really scary and overwhelming.

So, what can you do?

Firstly, try to accept it.
Your experience right now might be better than someone else’s … or it might be worse. But, however you want to spin it, a tough time is a tough time. Accept it.

There’s no need to temper it with an “at least ….”. Say to yourself “Yep, this sucks”.

It’s amazing what happens when we drop the facade that “Everything’s OK”.

Secondly, change your focus.
Ask yourself “How can I be of service? How can I help?”

In Australia, you could donate to Givit to help those in flood affected areas.

But there are also some brilliant movements being set up to help Ukrainians – like booking an Airbnb in Ukraine or heading to Etsy and purchasing some art as a digital download from a Ukrainian artist. Two great ways you can directly give to people in need.

And thirdly, ask yourself “What would make today feel just a little bit better?”

And whatever the answer is: making apple crumble, talking to a friend, putting on a comforting TV show, reading your favourite book, playing Monopoly with the kids … go and do it. Make it happen.

Find the small pockets of happiness in your day and hold on to them.

And lastly, please know that being human means experiencing a full spectrum of emotion.⁣

So if you feel like you “should just be getting on with it already” and you’re not – well, my friend, that is perfectly okay.

Be kind to yourself.⁣⠀

Oh! And can you do me a favour? Can you let me know what small thing brought you a little happiness today?

Tell me in the comments below.

Might be something really nice for others to read.

Turia x


  • Eric says:

    Got this email from Turia today and that made my day. Just the 1st 2 sentences was medicine. Thanks Turia! Wish I had more time to be involved in everything you do! Bucket list!

  • Fiona Ward says:

    My two cats Lily and Hermione and a lovely walk in the duck park near where I live made me smile today.

  • Cathy Collins says:

    I had breakfast with my daughter this morning at a lovely cafe where we live. We both had a great start to the day. Me with a run and Abby went to the gym before our catch up. Feeling awesome & lucky!

  • Justine says:

    It’s like you feel our feelings … thanks Turia for being such an inspiration. For me i decided to stop watching news /scrolling down and listen to music I love while having a good coffee..

  • Lisa Wood says:

    Turia, my husband and I are currently homeless, although we are grateful that a friend has put a roof over our heads. We’re slaving to maintain this unkept property. I was having a “this sucks” moment when I read your “accept it” blog. You clever, clever girl. You’ve changed my mindset in less than 4 minutes, and made this “rock lady” smile and think like a better person Cheers hun, Mwah XXXXX

  • NFP says:

    A little bright coloured lorikeet walking along an office awning – every so often would hop/jump unexpectedly making us laugh…

  • AC says:

    Meditating (a mere 10mins) in my garden settled my mind & body this afternoon- felt good.

  • Seeing the sunshine and a fine day. My eldest son and daughter in law coming to visit tonight.

  • April Strickland says:

    I got injured today at school and my friend got me an ice pack and made sure I was ok. Then at the end of the day she lugged my heavy bag (full of lots of grade 12 work) to the bus for me.
    Really helped my day be just that bit better ❤️

  • Linda says:

    Gave our dog a much needed bath after a play at the beach!!

  • Suzanne Moule says:

    Hi Turia, my husband and I met up with some close friends today and we went to meet them on our push bikes. I was having a lot of trouble with my seat so I spat the dummy and said I was going back home!!!!!!!! Well, I decided to fix the seat, which worked out okay, then awhile later my chain came off, which I also fixed myself, as my husband had kept going because he thought I had turned back!!!!! But then I did make it to the cafe after all on my push bike, so I was a very happy chappy!!!!!! And lunch with out friends was awesome 🙂

  • Agnes says:

    Receiving your email. Thank you for sharing your life to bless us.

  • Jo says:

    I FINALLY used my Endota voucher I got 2 years ago and had a massage today. It was heaven. For one whole hour I stopped, breathed and relaxed. Last night I decided I was too tired and stressed to cook so I grabbed both my sons and we went and had dinner out in the sunshine at Grill’d, it was perfect! Best of all? No dishes afterwards to clean!

  • Debbie Pearson says:

    Hi Turia What made me smile today was not only your email but also looking through old photos from over the years and having a laugh at some of the outfits I was wearing at the time! Thank you Turia for everything you inspire me to be!

  • Sinead says:

    Taking and extra minute to pick out a matching outift this morning made me feel happy and ready to have a good day 🙂

  • Being productive and organising from my bed and eventually my office while off work chronically sick, in pain and meds don’t usually allow me to do this.

  • Kellie Willis says:

    Hey Turia, love your emails always. Love the point in today’s about asking yourself “what would make today a little bit better?” Such a good strategy because it usually doesn’t take much at all does it?
    I have four kids and it can be hard to get one-on-one time with all of them. They’re aged 9, 7, 4 and 2. Today, my littlest baby sat on my knee while we mowed the lawns on the ride-on. It was perfectly safe, I drive like a little old lady on the freeway. But he loved it and I loved having him with me and he was so good. It was beautiful autumn afternoon sunshine and just a perfect way to spend time with my little helper 🙂

  • Michelle K says:

    My 14 year old daughter who has anxiety, came home from school and told me she had a awesome day. Not that anything in particular made it awesome – just that she had a great day! Thank you for your post Turia, I read it to her and she beamed her beautiful smile!

  • Lorraine C. says:

    I went to see a play in the city for the first time since the pandemic started, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed an incredible performance by an extremely talented actress.

  • Sarah Mccudden says:

    Spending a beautiful day with my Mum

  • Andrea Prictor says:

    Learnt my son will be able to leave hospital after being in there for many months due to a horrific car accident. Still many months of rehab but hey he can finally go home to his little family .

  • Marita says:

    I came home to 3 eggs from my new chickens

  • Julie says:

    My daughter sent me 4 photos of our little 1 year old granddaughter, who had the biggest smile and it made my day to see her just so happy!! And, Turin, your emails are always so uplifting! I was going thru a hard patch when I first started receiving them and your words and motivation changed my life!! Thank you!!

  • This made me smile – thank you. I’m going to look up Givit and I think the Etsy idea is a good one too.

  • Julie Buhk says:

    I’m with Eric, the email today made me stop and think about the sadness, the happiness, the gratitude, the worry I have at this moment.
    Sadness has been taking over of late and I’m not comfortable about that, especially as there’s nothing I can do – so I’ve accepted those feelings are going to be sitting with me for a good while yet.
    But, every work day I have moments of happiness putting a jingle in my heart. I’m so lucky to have that given to me.

    Thanks Turia xx

  • Nic says:

    I brushed my teeth outside in the sunshine. I played phone contact roulette on my drive home from work and had a great catch up with a friend. I took a precious pause………. before responding with measured intellect instead of anger and defensiveness. Ok that’s a lie but I promise I’ll do all of this tomorrow. 🙃👊🏻

  • Matidla says:

    This quote: “And lastly, please know that being human means experiencing a full spectrum of emotion.⁣”
    So important for people to hear.

  • Renee Albert says:

    Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. Today’s mailer made my day. A much anticipated short pause in the middle of my day to be brought back to reality and be reminded of what’s important. Thank You.

  • Maddy says:

    There’s a huge amount of road works going on out the front of my work and we couldn’t actually get into work by car yesterday so in frustration I called my friend/workmate to let her know to park around the corner and her little girl in the background calls out ‘HI MADDY’ as loud and happy as! How can that not make you smile!

  • Pamela Brooks says:

    Good morning Turia, I just read your message, I’ve sort of been skipping lots of emails but this jumped right out at me, at a time needed most. I lost my partner of 31 years 2 weeks ago, it was sudden and unexpected, he died next to me whilst I was driving. Quick for him, but horrendous for me. He was a wonderful man, my rock, my best friend, my everything, we were joined at the hip, for many years 24/7, we did everything together, we have lots of loving kids and grandkids, but we were the ultimate package deal, as you can image the loss is immeasurable. There are no words to describe a time like this, but your challenges in life are an inspiration and what can be overcome, grief is right up there, the pain immense, my Ken has always been in awe of you and I will take your advice, thank you lovely lady, have a lovely day, Pam

    • Turia Pitt says:

      Pam, I am sending you ALL my love. I’m so sorry. Thank you for sharing this with me, and I’ll raise a glass to Ken tonight. Turia x

  • Hi Turia and friends,

    This morning there was a lot going on. Urgent doctors appointments, urgent other appointmets, lovely moment of coffee in between, Apocolypse now moment drivng past climate change post-flood zone at Chinderah, Northen NSW, where brave young men dressed as Army soldiers were heaving everyone’s furniture and belongings onto big trucks. Lovely moment when older sister rang with family news, lovely moment showing off photo of me and my lovely son who will be 36 on Tuesday, and photo of my now vulnerable mum who is 89 this year, and Dad turning 90 this month, hoping to see them soon.

  • Julie-ann Bowers says:

    I just dropped off a bunch of flowers and a card to friends of ours who are remembering their daughter who passed away 10 years ago to the day

  • Carole-Ann Grant-Smith says:

    I really needed to do something to get out of that slump you spoke of, so I actually did a 48 hour digi-detox. It may not sound like a long time for some, or perhaps very long for others, but for me, it was perfect. It gave me time to reflect on my values and I emerged refueled. I’d highly recommend a digi-detox of whatever length you can manage.

  • Chloe says:

    On my way to school each day, I wave at the train driver as the train roars past, there have been mixed responses, smiles back, waves but today the most joyous train driver responded with the biggest wave and smile – full of energy which was a small think that bought me a little happiness today🙂

  • Kayelene says:

    I took my pony for a ride on the beach which i haven’t done for some time .. just what I needed.. Thanks for you advice Turia xx

  • Felicity O’Brien says:

    Turia your email was a moment of happiness, and watching my girls do an Irish dance performance for St Patricks day tonight will definitely bring me joy. ❤️