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I’ve been getting heavily involved in the Olympics. The other day Michael found me sitting on the couch with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s crying actual tears over the South African 400m runner who’s coached by a 75 year old grandma!

I’m completely blown away by how many records are being smashed every day (around sixty records will be broken this Olympics). I always wonder how this is possible – how can records be smashed? These athletes are already at the elite level, surely we can’t get any better at this stuff?

But I know that even if a record is only broken by one hundredth of a second, it’s still a new record. I love that so much. It gives me visual proof that we really are unstoppable. 

“Our potential truly is infinite – we have unlimited capacity for improvement” – Tweet it!

You know, sometimes we can’t see the progress we’re making. Because on a day to day level, our progress might be less than 1%, maybe only 0.001% improvement.

And maybe we don’t progress every day, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if we work away at something, if we invest time and energy and if we make sacrifices for it – we’ll progress. It’s inevitable.

It’s been a good reminder as I work towards the Ironman World Championships.

There’s only six short weeks between me and that Kona start line. I’m nervous, I’m scared of the unknown but I know that each day I show up for my training session, each time I decide to push myself that little bit further, I’m getting closer to living out even more of my potential.

I want to give you a challenge. Whatever it is that you’re working towards, I want you to believe that not only are you capable of achieving it, but that you’re also capable of more. Those 1% improvements you’re making? They’re inching you closer to a potential you can’t even imagine yet. 

Turia xx

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