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What are you gonna drop?

By October 11, 201811 Comments

OK champ, as you may know, last week I promised to share some goal-getting tips with you.

So that’s what I’ll do today.

But first, a warning: this one might hurt.

You up for it?

(I’m exaggerating, obviously. You’ll be fine! Go on, keep reading!!).

It’s a strategy I’ve always been pretty good at implementing, but I was reminded of it recently when reading an excellent book by Jon Acuff.

Here it is:
You can have it all but you can’t do it all.

In order to achieve what you want this year, you’re gonna have to drop something.

So, what are you gonna drop?

I have to drop stuff from my priority list all the time. I’m a Mum to a 10 month old baby, I run a business and team of people, I travel half the year for work (with said baby) and I’ve got to start training for the Mountain Run at the Kathmandu Coast to Coast next Feb too. Yep, I’m a big dog – very busy and important ??

But seriously, I can’t do all those things without dropping a few other priorities… laundry!
For real, if you’re following me on Insta, check out the photo I shared earlier today.

Here’s a list of things I’ve dropped from my priority list:

  • Grocery shopping (now I have the same online order delivered every week)

  • Laundry (to be clear, I do wash! But I’ve asked for help from my Mum and Michael to get it done, and I outfit repeat like nobody’s business)

  • Social media (I schedule time to share posts, and I stick to that schedule)

  • Decorating my house (I keep it spartan. Less stuff = less stuff to clean!)

So, what are you going to drop?

Can you say “No” to having dinner out twice a week, or give up your Netflix binges for a few weeks?

Remember, you can have it all but you can’t do it all.Tweet it!

No pain – no gain!

Let me know what you’re gonna drop over in the comments below.

And if you need some help coming up with things to drop, check out the comments list as well! We can share some ideas together.

Until next week,
Turia xx


  • Ambika says:

    1. Long hours sleep
    2. Lying down in bed and browsing social media for no use
    3. Reduce chatting time

  • Catherine Nugent says:

    Thanks for the insight. Love your honesty. Brava!

  • Deb says:

    Eating fried food

  • Heyy thanks for sharing. I have already dropped using IG from the past week. It saves me a lot of time. I’m now trying to cut down on my Netflix. I am doing a lot of stuff in college. So I’m going to limit myself from a few things so that I have more time for my selfstudy. And I’ve already cancelled a few plans. But since you said this it’s gonna help me structure this idea and go about it more concretely. Thanks Turia! I love your little one. He is too cute. Love from India.

  • I have too much “stuff.” Much of it came from my mom’s house after she died. Its valuable and takes up a lot of space, and I’m ready to sell it. But I work full time at an intense job and I’m also a very active visual artists (painter). Selling antiques takes time and research. So I’m not fretting over selling the stuff and have decided to wait a few years until I stop working to sell it. That took a load off my mind when I dropped it.

    Turia, I love reading your posts and following your life. It makes me happy to see you thriving and your words of wisdom help me during my day. Lots of love to you from NYC!

  • Thomas F. Hamilton says:


    Gonna drop: the obsessing about the past (endlessly grieving about her death from cancer is a no win black hole, far better to celebrate her life and our exquisite adventures together in the relatively short time we had, plus I didn’t give her the disease), the endless self-naysaying whenever fear rears its fugly head, the “playing it easy” or dumbing down I do around people (for chrissakes I am 60 years old and shouldn’t have to explain myself to anyone), the ridiculous way I shoot myself in the ass thinking I can’t accomplish something because I am this old or I am not smart enough or ad infinitum (shit, I have finished the Ironman, earned a graduate degree, played chess at an expert level, climbed rocks, taught yoga, been a massage therapist, etc.etc.etc. – that same drive to excel and live fully is still and ever present – all while having a serious mental illness that will always be present), thinking I am merely a bitter lone wolf that no-one will listen to anymore (I deeply loved coaching and mentoring before, now there is even more realism and our truth to my quest), WHINING, NEGATIVITY, BEING A PUSSCAKE.

    That felt good! Onward. The sky’s the limit!

  • Nell says:

    Thanks for your very timely message Turia – I love your realness and so often your posts resonate with where I am on my journey.
    This year I have had to drop a sideline business venture/ hobby/passion as a trade off for some serious gym time. I recently discovered power lifting (though a mum’s lifting group – go mum’s!) and decided to enter a lifting comp as a challenge. To manage time with family etc I had to drop evening training and change to 6am.
    The older I get the more I realise that there is a constant flow that we need to keep reassessing what is working and what isn’t as well as the cost of every ‘yes’.
    Thanks again for the inspiration and wisdom

  • Michelle says:

    I’m a perfectionist. It helps me in some respects but it can also be quite counterproductive. I’d like to let go of that mentality at home where I feel everything needs to be in its place. I do competitive Latin dancing and work throughout the week… Annnnnnd I’m going back to uni next year! So I won’t have the luxury of time, or the energy, to worry about it. Oh, and yes, worrying. I’d like to ‘drop’ that too lol.

    I enjoy your emails Turia, keep challenging us! Hope you and your family are well x

  • Bethany says:

    I’m going to drop my excuses and actually take action on some of your amazing advice! Thanks for sharing and inspiring but more than that for being real … that insta photo was great :)

  • Carolina says:

    Hello Turia, I absolutely agree, we can’t do it all. I am a 2 years old mom and have a full time job here in Colombia, being a mom, a worker, a wife, a daughter, a sister is already consuming a lot of time, but sometimes I don’t do things any easier for myself. I am constantly placing thins where they should be. I am stressed by toys being everywhere around the house, clothes that are not inside the closets, so this is something I will try to leave for weekends only. That is what I will drop from my daily tasks. If you ever came to Colombia I would be enchanted to meet you. I always talk to you to my mom. My mom had a brain surgery on 1997 and she has never accepted her body’s changes. She has actually got depressed for that. I wish she had a little of your positivism and spirit. You look so happy, grateful and comfortable with your life and I admire you for that. You must hear that daily but from the bottom of my heart I can tell you that I admire you very much. Have a nice day!

  • Sabrina Childers says:

    I think you have inspired me to drop social media for a while and to add back time to reading real hard copy books again!