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Some weekends are like mash potatoes

By August 28, 2023One Comment

I had what I call a mashed potato weekend.

I’ll explain.

You know those weekends where you wake up on Saturday morning, and apart from kids sport, you haven’t been proactive with any other plans?

So, it’s Saturday lunchtime – and u think what should we do this weekend?

You haven’t planned anything. You end up watching a lot of Netflix. Maybe the kids are jumping from the dining table to the lounge. Maybe you are too.

But then it’s Sunday night, you’ve got work the next day. And your weekend was good but not memorable. So it’s a bit bland, like mashed potato without butter.

That’s a mashed potato weekend.

They’re fine, but I’d much prefer a good whack of butter and some flaky salt on mine.

You can listen to how I get that butter and salt combo on my weekends below.

One more thing…

If you are keen to learn more about the systems I have in place to keep things chugging along (even when I have to enact the Emergency Protocol – yes I have one of those my house) you can grab my Routine Rule Book here x

One Comment

  • Laila says:

    Hi Turia i love your story. in english we have to choose someone we look up to and i chose you. it would make my day if you could respond.