Turia’s bestselling memoir – now for young readers.

Get Unmasked


Young Adult Edition

Telling the story of Turia’s life before and after the fire, this young readers’ version of Turia’s bestselling memoir unmasks the real Turia: funny, fierce, intelligent, flawed. With a new foreword from Turia, additional content and a new Q&A section, this edition covers topics such as confidence, goal-setting, family and friends and happiness that will resonate strongly with tweens and teens.

There are some awesome additional resources for students and teachers below. Oh, and psst: this book is an EXCELLENT companion to Good Selfie!

Get Unmasked
Turia Pitt - Kona


Nice things people have said

CarlyMarch 22, 2019

Want proof there is light at the end of the tunnel? What an amazing woman, partner and family. A fabulous read.

EllaFebruary 25, 2019

Absolutely loved it!!! Such an inspirational story. Every young person should read this book, it shows what dedication, hard work and a good mindset can achieve. A must read.

JanineFebruary 28, 2019

A must read. Such determination, passion and inspiration.

JohMarch 10, 2019

I attended a keynote speech from Turia at OBM which prompted me to buy her book. Great read – it’s an amazing story and I love her no excuses approach to everything. I also liked the format of the book where you hear from other people in her life which give’s her story a different perspective and without taking anything away from her own story – there are some pretty amazing people in here.

MargeryApril 3, 2019

Excellent book, very well written. Turia’s bravery is amazing. A inspirational read.

GillFebruary 16, 2019

There is nothing we can’t do.
Turia proved that.
Power of the mind
Turia is one amazing beautiful lady.
Thank you for sharing your story.

PhoenixApril 17, 2019

Great story about survival and courage.

LeisaFebruary 22, 2019

I loved this book, what an incredible story. From the absolute horror and unfathomable pain and suffering, an arduous and terribly challenging recovery to amazing, spectacular adventures and achievements. Just wow!! What a testament to the power of love, to the ability to truly be whatever you believe and a true story of hope!

IzzieSeptember 22, 2019

A heart-warming story which brings out the good times and bad times of this courageous human being. A recommended book for tween/teen readers wanting to start reading auto-biographies. This book is well-written by both authors and has a comforting feel throughout the whole story; making you hang on to every word too. She has now inspired me to dream bigger, think smarter and believe in yourself and to feel confident too!