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As a few of you would know, I’m training to compete in my first IRONMAN competition this year. Just a few weeks ago I spent a few gruelling days at a training camp organised by my coaches: Bruce and Christina Thomas from Energy Link.

I’ve actually been training forIRONMAN for years now. I’ve been training for it since 2011, when doctors told me that due to my injuries from the fire I would never run again.

I remember that moment so well. It was like a light turned on inside my brain. I heard their words and I thought “I’ll show you. I’m going to do an IRONMAN one day”.

It was the best motivation. My mum and my partner Michael would come in to my hospital room each morning and say “come on, get up, it’s time to get training for Iron Man” and I’d get up and get stuck in! I’ve been training ever since.

Late last year I competed in my first triathlon and I’m now gearing up for IRONMAN in Port Macquarie in May.

There’s no denying this has been, and continues to be, a challenging journey and a big goal to achieve … but, like with every goal I set for myself, I know that all I need to do is look at what can be done each day to propel me forward.

If I thought about the overall challenge I’d probably back out! But as long as I show up to training every day, I know I’ll be ready in time.

A few of you have asked about my training and what tips I have. Number one? Don’t go it alone! My coaches, Bruce and Christina, have absolutely changed the game for me.

If I was training on my own, I would never think to change up my training to do hill intervals. I wouldn’t consider speed and variation in my swim training. I’d probably just do a 40 minute run or I’d just slog out a straight 2.5km swim. Not only would that be boring (!) but it would only teach me to race long and slow.

Other tips? Like I mentioned above, break down the overall task into smaller, every day tasks and smaller goals. Schedule in your training and stick to it! You’ll make time for training if you schedule it in to your life and make it a non-negotiable.

That’s how habits are formed.

Until next time,

Turia xx

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