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Thoughts I’ve had in recovery this week

By September 27, 201815 Comments

Hey champ,

If you follow me on Insta, you’ll know that I had surgery this week.

It was a pretty cool op, actually.

Basically, my surgeon took some looser skin from my belly (thank you post-pregnancy skin! My surgeon actually squealed and clapped his hands in glee when he realised I actually had a little excess skin to work with for once ??) and used it to fix a burn contracture on my hand and foot.

What’s a burn contracture, you ask?

Well, my curious friend, it’s a pretty common occurrence for burns patients. Basically, it happens when burned skin tightens and contracts over time, eventually putting tension and pressure on the bones or joint beneath. And yes, not to be a sook, but it’s as painful as it sounds.

Over the past few years, the skin on my hand has been getting tighter and tighter. It got to a point where it felt like the tension was going to dislocate the joint.

So, we fixed it!

Maybe it’s the painkillers ?but ever since the op this week, I’ve been thinking about how pain influences our ability to make a decision or make a change in our lives.

See, I’ve been in pain from these for a few years now. And yeah, I probably could have dealt with it earlier, but it took my pain getting to a critical point before I actually made the space in my diary and booked in the operation.

Isn’t that the case for so many things in our life?

Whether it’s avoiding a growing financial debt, or putting off some positive health and lifestyle changes – so often we wait until the situation becomes acutely painful before making a change.

It’s kind of like that old adage:  if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it’ll jump straight out. But if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly bring it to boil, it’ll hang out there until it’s too late. ??

So, I’m not prescribing an action or a strategy to you this week.

Instead, I’d just love you to have a think about this:
Is there a situation or issue in your life that’s causing you discomfort? And what would or could you do to avoid it causing you more pain?

So, if you’re not loving your job right now,  what can you do about it? Could you maybe update your resume? Meet with a recruiter? Or even just talk to some friends who have made a career switch?

This is important: I’m not telling you to focus on the things you see as going wrong in your life – but if there’s something within your control to change, why not get the ball rolling sooner rather than later?

Something to think about.

Let me know your thoughts, in the comments below.

Until next week,
Turia xx

PS – I’m so stoked to see so many people downloading and reading my eBook Mindset Magic this month. I’ve had so many emails and comments from people reading it – stoked so many are loving it!


  • Barbara Deen says:

    Hi Tauria
    It’s such a true saying” nothing changes unless we change” if we’re waiting for a situation or person to change.. We will be waiting a long time. We.. Must be the change we want.. We have to find the courage to change a situation ourselves.
    I had a personal situation with one of my daughters and I thought ” I will give it time” It was hard, but I did it, then I thought… ” well time to change this situation.. So I called her” It was nothing to do with right or wrong, it was a situation that needed to change.. So someone had to be that change.. Felt a lot better after it!

  • Ang says:

    I hope your surgery was a success and the result far outweighs the pain!!
    I have started this process myself, not loving my job much and in increasing pain as I wait for major surgery on a knee. Its not easy putting myself out there again, changing back to a previous (safer) career and the daunting thoughts of possibly losing this job or even not get the next one due to the knee issues. All the things we worry about on top of the pain, keeping it positive though.
    Thanks for putting it all into words, love your work.

  • Julie Hames says:

    Thank you for giving us all inspiration I had an accident at work fractured my wrist & elbow & it’s left me very down ……you’ve given me my mojo back so I can get into my lifestyle changes of diet n exercise & healthier way of living & given me thought regarding my job ……if I claim loss of earnings I may update my cv and move companies a thing I’ve thought of doing but just needed a push love you Turia and Thank You again X ? also downloading your book tonight too x

  • Romani Forsyth says:

    Darling Turia
    Glad to hear that your surgery went well
    I work in the recovery room where you had your surgery and am glad you enjoyed the Bair Hugger preoperatively
    I saw some of your surgery as it progressed .. your surgeon as you know is fabulous !!
    Therefore I know how sore you will be
    You are an inspiration darling girl x ?

  • What an amazing surgery and that your gorgeous son had a part in it! Very happy for you. I have a history of ‘tolerating’ situations until pain or someone else’s irritation forces a change. Right now I am undergoing chemo and the lifestyle changes that my diagnosis is bringing about are all for the best.

    Think of you all the time and love your posts and authenticity. Thanks and quick healing!

    Anytime you want to bring that baby and husband to S Florida, we would love to have you!!

  • Megan Russell says:


    You continue to inspire me each and everyday! Wish I could wrap my arms around you, Michael and the baby. Thank you for everything ❤️

  • Lorna paterson says:

    I’m glad to hear you are recovering from your surgery Turia. Your post has come at exactly the right time for me as I face the decision whether or not to go through a similar surgery (bonework & grafting) on my leg and foot from years old contractures.
    I live alone and the thought of being laid up for 3 months and losing my independence is giving me a lot of cause for concern.
    I’m very grateful to you for sharing your positive, kick ass outlook with us all & will be using this when making my decision. Sending love & healing thoughts xx

  • Rosemary says:

    I’ve had a lot of pain lately following surgery and used your colour method to turn my mind elsewhere. And yes, I did use red and green.
    It worked.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us.
    I’m about to make a life change and today’s email gives me courage.

  • Pamela Jackson says:

    You Turia, Are an absolute Superstar!! Thankyou for your blogs and motivating pieces to help us overcome the challenges in our day to day routines. We need beautiful people like you in our lives who no matter what they go through Show the superhuman strength to get you through anything!!
    Much love xx

  • Linley Ingram says:

    Thankyou Turia.

    I’m having all my bowel removed in a week and am now starting to get really anxious.(not for cancer)

    Your message has been so timely.

    How I admire you-I’m so sorry it was SO painful.

    But it has given me more courage.

    Thankyou so much you wonderful person.

  • Karen Joyce says:

    Here’s to a swift recovery from your surgery Turia. Live your thoughts around it. It’s so easy to procrastinate or put up with things until they get too painful. Super reminder to check in with what’s not working and make some changes. Though my worries are tame in comparison. Love your courage and your generosity and wisdom in what you share. Much love X

  • Pagi says:

    Thank you so much for lighting a spark in my heart every time I read your email. Hope you are recovering well. Looking fwd to day we get to meet you in person ❤️

  • Cathleen says:

    You’re right – we tolerate too many painful things, but I think being in pain makes it harder to act. Thanks for the reminder !

    And a real coincidence – I had updated my organ donor preferences to include skin on Thursday before I read your email. (After reading your book I realised how helpful it could be for burn patients).

  • My doctor wants me to exercise, she wants me walking and doing stretches, as I’m in the older age bracket. I don’t want to wait until I’m in a lot of pain to finally realize that I need to do the exercise, I want to get off my backside and do it now.

  • Narelle says:

    Hi turia,
    I am at present on stress leave from my job and am definitely thinking of a change I have this arvo been sitting here in my office working my way through many of your emails and I am so in awe of you !!!! You are one very amazing young woman and the way you approach life is so inspiring. thank you for helping me make my decision and I am going to let you keep inspiring and encouraging me on my journey.Thank you so much love and light to you xxxxx Narelle