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Hey champions,

Well, I’m here in Kona, Hawaii and I’m prepping like mad for the Ironman World Championships next weekend.

This challenge feels almost impossible. It feels so BIG.

I’m finding myself swinging from pure excitement and gratitude for this opportunity to sheer, pure terror about what I’m in for.

 To be honest, I’m worried that I’m not ready…. but then, when are we ever truly ready for a big challenge? More often than not, if we wait until we’re ‘ready’, well, we’ll be waiting forever.

 See, the thing is, when a massive challenge comes along, we almost always feel unprepared.  Say what you like about the deep end, but we usually find a way to stay afloat when we get thrown in!

“It’s in our nature to rise to big challenges. We become bigger, stronger and braver as we face the stuff we don’t feel ready for” – Tweet it! 

It’s how we grow and change and improve.

So, that’s what I’m reminding myself at the moment.

I’ve showed up for every training session, I’ve stuck it out in the rain and the dark and the cold. It’s time for my mind to trust my body and believe that, whether I feel it or not, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

 I’m also keeping some perspective on this. Whenever I get really nervous, I ask myself “What’s the worst that could happen?”. Let’s say I get 10 flat tyres, or I get bitten by a poisonous jellyfish or it starts to hail and a piece of ice knocks me out… the worst thing that’s gonna happen is that I won’t be able to finish the race.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not really something to be concerned about – I’d way rather have a crack and fail then not even try at all.

Having a logical conversation with myself about my worst fears helps me to make rational decisions about what I’m doing.

 So, yes, I’m nervous. I‘m scared. But am I taking on this challenge anyway? Uhhh, yeah you bet I am!

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the brands and businesses who have backed me all the way to Hawaii. Particular thanks are owed to the absolute legends at SuperNature, Hawaiian Islands and Hawaiian Airlines – your support has been truly phenomenal.

Big thanks also to Hoka One One, Liv Cycles, Rudy Project, SOAS, Spearman Cycles and Titan Performance Group for kitting me out with all my gear and of course an enormous thank you to the teams at Ironman Asia Pac and Ironman for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Lastly, thanks to my coaches Bruce and Chris at Energy Link Performance Coaching for getting my body as ready as it will ever be!

Wish me luck,

Turia xx

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