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Self Care

the five minute evening routine that will change your life

By March 27, 2023No Comments

I am not a tidy person.
And my kids aren’t either.

But when my kids started crawling and walking and climbing, and all of their stuff started crawling and walking and climbing with them? Yeah, it started to get out of hand.

And for a while there, I didn’t make a habit of picking up their stuff every night (see above: I’m not a tidy-uperer).

But the days that I did tidy up a little? Well, everything seemed to go a little bit smoother. And so, it became a habit. Every night, for five minutes, I’d pick up as much mess as I could. (And yes, I get the boys to help where they can too – it’s their mess after all).

Now, here’s where I get to remind you of my favourite rule:

Good enough is great.

I do not spend hours every night making the house look perfect. I just focus on what needs to be put back into a functional state.

Clear path to coffee machine?
School bags in one place for collecting in morning?
Lounge able to be sat on?

Good enough is perfect.

I chatted about this more on the podcast this week. It’s a short, sharp, four-minute pep talk about perfection and tidiness.

Listen here.

Turia xx