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The day I spent in a small, dark room

By September 27, 2021No Comments

Hey mate,

So, I started filming videos for my business in 2014.

This was back before Instagram Live, TikTok or any of the other kinds of video content that we see everywhere these days.

One of the video producers I was working with recommended I see a dramaturgist to help me to deliver my content better.

Firstly: the audacity, pointing out that I had room for improvement!

Secondly: uhhhh, what exactly is a dramaturgist?

I had no idea, so a few weeks later, I went into my appointment feeling slightly apprehensive.

I tentatively knocked on the door, turned the handle and walked into the small, dark, airless room.

And it was there that I met The Dramaturgist.

She was standing behind a camera on a tripod.

Slowly and smoothly, she explained that she was going to film me, while asking questions that were designed to “strip back the societal expectations of a modern woman”.

It was only going to get weirder.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked me, soulfully.

“Breakfast?” I answered, truthfully.

“Deep, deep, deep inside you, what do you think about?” she gently probed again.

“Food?” I responded, hopefully.

I could tell she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. She suggested an alternative exercise.

“I want you to dance, and imagine your arms are your legs”.

I did my best impersonation of a drunk octopus jiggling across the ocean floor.

“Wrong. Try moving your body as if you didn’t have a body. How would that look? How would you move if you didn’t have a body to move in?”

I lay down on the floor.

“Wrong. You do not have a body so you cannot lie down”.

I shut my eyes.

“Wrong. You cannot shut out the world. For the world is still here even if you are no longer here”.

Like I said, it was weird.

And sadly, I’m not sure it worked. Two weeks later I went to a shoot where the producer still had to prompt me to read every single line. I still had a body and it still could not remember a script!

Crazy diets, meditation camps, self help seminars, essential oil workshops – I think most of us have tried something “weird” in an effort to improve ourselves, yeah?

Here’s what I’ve learned, for what it’s worth:
Crazy, extreme, one-off exercises like this rarely work.

Sure, if I’d gone to the dramaturgist every day for a year, I’m 100% positive that I would have gotten more comfortable moving in front of the camera – with the legs of an octopus, or without.

It’s learning how to be consistent and make teeny, tiny changes that works.

That’s what I teach inside my running program for Mums, RUN with Turia:
How to take small steps, consistently.

AND….. the doors to RUN are now open!

It’s a flexible, fun and no BS running program for Mums (of teens, toddlers, or grandkids!) who want to get from the couch to the finish line (or you know at least to the end of the street and back!).

Here’s where to go to find out EVERYTHING you need to know.

In a nutshell, RUN with Turia will give you the ability to:

  • Run! Yes, truly. Whether you want to run 5km, 10km or 21km in our program, you’ll become a runner the minute you say yes to joining us (it’s that easy)
  • Make time for yourself (and give yourself priority amongst all the jobs on your to-do list), and;
  • Feel confident and proud of what your body can do (you incredible legend!).

It’s designed to help you do the impossible.

This ten week running program is delivered online, on a private membership site I’ve built just for us.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A flexible, life-proof, 10 week training program (with 5km, 10km and 21km distances available)
  • Tips and strategies on how to actually get out the door and make that “me time” stick
  • A community of amazing women to lift you up (and keep you accountable). No, not one of those Facebook groups where you ask a question only to get zero replies and MAYBE a like or two. A REAL community, where everyone shares their struggles, their wins, and their vulnerabilities freely so that they can all grow together
  • Tips on improving your technique and pace
  • Support from coaches, physiotherapists and nutrition experts – all backing you to achieve your best results yet

An important heads up though:
The doors close this Saturday, October 2. 

My friend, I’ve poured my whole being into this program.

Everything that helped me get from a hospital bed to an Ironman finish line, and all the added wisdom I learnt returning to running after having my kids.

It’s the best place on the Internet.
And the doors are open now.
For just a limited time only.

So, if you want to make space for yourself, get fitter, feel stronger and run distances you never thought possible … well, I encourage you to check it out today before the offer ends.

Here’s the link to enrol.

I’m so pumped, and I can’t wait to start running with you!
Turia x