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The day Hakavai fell into the pool

By May 9, 2019September 2nd, 2019No Comments

It was a glorious day in Hawaii.

I’d spoken at a conference the day before, so Michael, Hakavai and I had set up by the pool for a little down-time before the trip home.

Hakavai was having the BEST time. His squeals of delight every time Michael threw him into the air reverberated around the amphitheatre the pool made.

It was one of those rare, golden, sunshine-y moments as a parent. A kind of smug but grateful moment.

I exchanged sweet smiles with the other pool-goers as they exclaimed “What a gorgeous baby!”, and lounged in the sun, basking in the knowledge that Michael was a Great Dad, our son was Perfect and that I, too, was an Excellent Wife and Mother.

Michael and Hak got out of the pool and sat down beside me. But, now a crawling and inquisitive kid, Hakavai kept crawling right up to the edge of the pool, as if to go in. Every time he’d approach, Michael would pick him up and walk him back over to me on the grass.

And then he’d crawl right back to the edge of the pool.

“Watch him, darling!” I instructed in strict tones.

“Yes, I am.” I detected a subtle hint of irritation emanating from Michael.

“He might fall in”.

“Nah, he’ll be sweet”.

And right at that moment, Hakavai fell in.

It literally took half a second.

There was a collective gasp from the tourists around the pool.

Before my brain had even registered what was going on, Michael had plunged in. Action Man through and through.

He walked out of the pool, and popped Hak, safe and sound, back on firm ground.

Hak started laughing.
And then crawled straight back to the edge of the pool.

He’s nothing if not committed to the cause!

That’s the thing about kids, right? They’re not deterred by setbacks.

If they want to do something – whether that’s trying to stand or give their parents a heart attack trying to fling themselves into a pool – they don’t let failure, or an imperfect attempt stop them from trying again.

Maybe it’s a long bow to draw but when I see Hakavai persist like that, I wonder when it is that we adults lose that drive?

Persistence is the key to achieving anything.

So, let’s be more child-like in our approach to our life and our goals?! #1isthenew40 ?

When you try something new, don’t give up or decide “It’s not for me” when your first attempt doesn’t come off the way you imagined.

Persistence, not perfection.

Turia xx

PS – Just a little note to say THANK YOU for your support of Good Selfie. It’s been a full month since it hit stores around Australia and the feedback has been incredible. Thank you.