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The #1 thing you need to know about self love

By August 16, 2023No Comments

What’s the NUMBER ONE thing you need to know if you want to feel better about yourself?

Self love is not a destination.

It’s something you work at, bit by bit.

The truth is, self love is an ongoing process, a continuous exploration and acceptance of ourselves. It’s about embracing both our strengths and weaknesses.

So if we’re never going to “get there”, to that non-existent destination, what can we do to start giving ourselves some love?

Listen below, and if you enjoy this little Pep Talk I’d love you to listen to my Self Love Notes. My Self Love Notes are simple stories, with simple actions. Stuff you can do today, to start feeling better about who you are, like:

  • An analogy that will change the way you see “bad photos” of yourself, and
  • And how to allow yourself to be imperfect, because it’s OK to be insecure from time to time and still love yourself for who you are.

So if that sounds like something you’d like to wrap your ears around, head over here:


One more thing…

If you’re struggling with this whole self love journey, I have something that might help. I recorded some Self Love Audio Notes that you can listen to.

Six simple audio notes you can listen to whenever you need a self love boost.

They’re free, and you can pop them on and listen whenever you need reminding that you are, in fact, pretty fucking amazing.

Pop your email below and I’ll shoot you a link to listen.