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This week I wrapped up a national speaking tour with the legends at Business Chicks. It was so great to meet those of you who turned out to see me in Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide (and Sydney and Melbourne last year as well)!

What I love about giving speeches is that I get to meet so many cool people, and after a speech, so many of you will share stories about your own life with me – the goals you’re chasing and the challenges you’re facing. I love hearing about this stuff!

So, I thought I’d return the favour and share ten things you might not know about me….


I was born on the tropical island of Tahiti. My dad’s a keen surfer and, chasing waves he ended up there, met my mum and the rest is history. I’m definitely not fluent but I speak enough French to get by.


I’ve died 3 times on the operating table, and I had another close call when I went in for a nose operation last year. Life is a gift and it is up to us to make the most of it.


If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you might have guessed that I LOVE riddles. Here’s one for ya:

Q: A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her? (Answer at the end of this post).

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I got a double degree with first class honours in Mining Engineering and Environmental Science. I remember the miners organised stubby coolers with ‘Mining. Doing our bit for Global Warming’. The miners didn’t love me because they thought I was a greenie, and the greenies HATED me because they thought I was a miner!


Immediately after the fire, my surgeons needed to access skin tissue to help keep me alive. But unfortunately there was no skin tissue in Australia. The doctors organised skin tissue to be sent out from the States BUT as all things do, it got held up in Customs! It was a bit of a miracle that Customs released it in time – I would have died without it.


I snore. Badly. People tell me I sound like a possum or a gently sleeping elephant (my “friends” recorded it a couple of weeks ago, click here to listen


I love buying beauty products. I always think that a new product will finally spur me into a totally transformative skincare routine. Which of course, I try to do for 3 days and then revert back to sorbolene cream.


I wanted to do an Iron Man because I wanted to prove that I was fitter than I was in the fire which catastrophically changed my life. I’ve realised now that I am ‘fitter’ but also that there’s different types of fitness. There’s being yoga fit (bendy). Lifting weights fit (strong). Being crossfit fit (mad). So maybe after Iron Man, I’ll work on a different aspect of my fitness.


I love old school gangsta rap. I’m talking Tupac, Biggie, Nas, NWA.


I used to be terrified of public speaking. Yep, I’d get so nervous speaking in front of a crowd, even a crowd of three! It seems crazy to me that public speaking is now not only my full time job but something I absolutely love.

It is pretty crazy to see what direction your life can take when you face what challenges you and have the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

“Our lives can take crazy directions when we face what challenges us & step outside our comfort zone” – Tweet it!

Thanks again to everyone who shared their story with me over the past few weeks.

For those I did meet, let me know how you’re going with the goals and challenges you told me about – and for those of you who I haven’t yet met, if you’ve got something you want to change about your life, or if there’s a goal you want to achieve, let me know about it!

Send me an email  or share with me by using the hashtag #TuriasChampions on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time,

Turia xx

(RIDDLE ANSWER: It was a bright, sunny day.)