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How to stop putting things off…

By June 12, 2023No Comments

It never fails to surprise me when I need medical attention not related to my burns.

Like when I got the needle in my foot? Super annoying.

And so I have to confess something.

For over a decade, I’ve had a growth on my tongue. It’s a weird looking thing on the tip of my tongue.

I couldn’t remember having it before I was burned, and obviously, in the early days of my injury, it just wasn’t a priority compared to the whole life and death thing that I was going through.

And so there it’s stayed. For years.

I’ve kept meaning to get it checked out. But I haven’t. Sometimes it hurts, and I think, “Sh*t, I really gotta get that looked at”. And then it will go away and I’ll forget about it again.

It started to hurt again though. Maybe more then it usually did. And I started to worry even more.

The rest of this story, and what it means for YOU and the things you’re putting off?
All inside this short little episode of my podcast. It’s a 5 min listen that will help you re-think the way you look at getting things started.