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Procrastinating on a business idea? Here’s how to stop.

By December 20, 2021No Comments

It’s a Tuesday morning.


You open your laptop, with every intention of productively working away on a project, your mind engaged and focused, your body fuelled only by a glass of alkaline water. Sunbeams sparkling around you like efficiency angels, cheering you on as you cross another item off your To Do list.

Instead, you find yourself comparing eco-friendly fake flower varieties on a German website at the end of an Internet-fuelled distract-a-thon seven hours later.

If this is you, then CONGRATULATIONS!

You’re human.

It’s normal to procrastinate.

Especially when what you’re avoiding makes you feel scared, overwhelmed, or confused. And, um, there’s nothing like starting or scaling an area of your business to make you feel scared, overwhelmed and confused!

But we (that’s you and I) are going to come up with a plan together.

I’ve put together a FREE, action-taking, procrastination-smashing guide that will help you make your project actually happen.

It won’t take long either. I’m talking ten minutes tops.
(You have ten minutes. I know you do.)

And in ten minutes, you’ll have a solid action plan in place.
So that when January 2 rolls around, you have what you need to make this project actually happen.

No more vague promises or missed deadlines.
No late night guilt.

I’m gonna show you how to get it done.

Just pop your details in the form below and I’ll give you access to an instant download.

Note: once you’ve popped your details in and clicked ‘Download Now’, this page will refresh. Scroll back down to here, and instead of a form, you’ll see the link to download. I’ll also send you an email so that you’re covered. Any issues, email

Oh, and um, why am I teaching you?

Great question (though, frankly, I’m shocked at your audacity!).

Well, I’ve literally taught thousands of people how to stop procrastinating. I have entire digital courses dedicated to helping people finally overcome their self doubt, and fear, and overwhelm, and actually achieve the stuff they want to achieve.

It’s what I do – I teach people how to make stuff happen.

So, if there’s a business idea or other project you’ve been procrastinating on, I know my tips can help you too.

Just pop your details in the form above and you’ll get an instant download.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t overthink it.
Just do it.



Turia xx


PS –  You don’t have to be a clipboard-toting business-y type to use this guide either. Sure, I designed it for people who want to stop procrastinating in or on their business, but you can use it for literally anything you’ve been putting off.

Painting the kitchen cupboards. Washing the dog. Whatever “rolling your superannuation” is.

If you’ve been putting it off, my free guide will help you get it done.