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So, does it work?

By July 25, 2018One Comment

Hey champ,

A few days ago, I shared my theory on why picking a goal that excites you is the way to go.

But, does it work?

Ummmm, yes! But, I thought I should share some proof that I know what I’m on about.

Below are some stories from a few absolute legends who used my School of Champions to achieve goals that really excited them, and the insane things that happened as a result.

I’ll hand over to Deidre first:

“In 2016, I was still learning to live with losing my parents 12 months apart (in 2014 and 2015). I had a couple of years where I’d forgotten about joy and my life’s purpose. But when I saw Turia speak at an event, I signed up for SOC (with a bit of fear + excitement) … I felt like I needed a kick up the butt to get my life moving again (spoiler alert: it worked!).

So, when I did the first couple of SOC exercises there was lots of soul searching and tears … but as the weeks progressed, I found my spark again … and the JOY in life. I chose a champy deliberately aimed at making JOY a priority. I decided to get back into Latin Ballroom dancing (which I love … but hadn’t done much for 20 years … for various reasons/excuses!). So, my champy was to “Pass my Silver Medal exam in Latin Ballroom dancing by June 2017”. Well … I did it!

PLUS … the joy, satisfaction, and (re-gained) confidence in myself propelled me in other areas of my life (funny that, eh!). So in 2017, I embarked on co-founding a not-for-profit in my local area, which utilises lots of my skills and passions, to benefit local artists and creatives … and kick-start a new industry sector for our local economy. I ended up having a MASSIVE, fun year last year. And I trace that back to what Turia taught us in SOC.”

Pretty cool, huh? 

And then there’s this story from Libby:
I decided to join School of Champions in 2016, I am a mum of two boys, both with ADHD, anxiety and dyspraxia. We were living in a very small, remote mining town and I was just so overwhelmed with life in general.

After reading Turia’s first book, and discovering how inspirational and gutsy this legend is, I thought I’d give SOC a go and see if I could achieve my “champy” – a lifelong goal of becoming a flight nurse with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of WA.

SOC was easy to follow and provided me with the necessary skills and strategies to work through my challenges. It helped me to decide what was important to focus on and how to achieve that particular mindset.  And through hard work and awesome support and coaching from SOC, I achieved my goal! I now have my dream job and it is everything I thought it would be.

I am now signing up for my next goal: finding an exercise routine and dropping some weight to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Thanks Turia and your amazing team. 

And then there’s another SOC-er, whose story I shared with my Reset Challenge crew last week. 

She joined SOC with the goal to lose weight.

But, working through the steps in SOC, she decided to set a different goal – one that really pushed her outside her comfort zone and filled her with excitement.

She dropped the ‘lose weight’ goal and instead signed up to trek to Everest Base Camp, something she’d always wanted to do. The activities in SOC helped her realise that the outcome she really wanted out of ‘losing weight’ was to feel strong, physically fit, adventurous and confident.

Everest ticked those boxes. It was a goal that terrified and excited her – and it delivered in spades. Not only did she feel strong, fit and confident reaching Base Camp after 9 days of trekking and six months of training, but she even lost weight in the process!

I’m constantly blown away by the truly epic things my SOC-ers achieve.

These guys are living proof that when you set a goal that excites you (and even scares you a little bit), and you back yourself and do the work required to get there, you learn so much about yourself. You gain confidence, and resilience, and happiness, and you learn what you’re truly capable of (it’s always, always, always more than you think!).

So, yes, to sum all of that up, choosing goals that excite you can be a powerful way to create big, positive changes in your life.

If there’s something you want to achieve or some positive changes you want to make, join us in School of Champions. The crew jumping on board for this final 2018 intake is amazing. I’m so stoked to be meeting them all and to witness the breakthroughs and changes they’re making already.

This will be our final group intake for 2018, so join us now. With SOC in your back pocket who knows where you could be by the end of this year?!

Turia x

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