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We all want more of it.

But can you actually get happier?

In Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations), I set out on a (dragon-free) quest to discover if ‘happy’ is, actually, an attainable goal, and not just a ridiculous aspiration.

My latest book. A bestseller (and a personal fave!).

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My seven week goal-getting course, School of Champions, has helped thousands of people make their dreams happen! From climbing mountains to ballroom dancing and writing a kids book – whatever it is YOU want to do, SOC will give you the steps to take to actually make it happen!

So, if there’s something you want to change in your life, or a dream you want to start working on, join me in SOC. We can get started right now.


My bestselling memoirs

My First Book

Everything To Live For

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My Second Memoir


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your mornings

Fantasise about becoming a “morning person” but don’t know where to start?

Want to wake up easily, in a good mood, and at the time you said you would?

My morning mindset routine will show you how to stop hitting snooze, and start your day feeling grateful and inspired, in a good mood, and brimming with energy…. in less than 10 minutes

Morning Mindset Routine
Young Readers

Books written specifically

for kids and teens

Tips and tools for teens

Good Selfie

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My story, written for kids

(Young Readers Edition)

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