A flexible, fun and no BS running program for Mums (of teens or toddlers!) who want to become fitter, run further and feel more confident.

Select the distance you want to conquer in the 10-week program to find out how it works.

RUN is split into three different programs so you get the support, flexibility and accountability you need based on your running ability and goals.

The Newbie: 5km

Perfect if you’re a total “never run before” beginner OR if you’ve had some time off running and feel like you’ve lost your cardio fitness somewhere in the bushes.

You must be over 12 months post-partum to join this program.

Eeeek, ok! Let’s do this!

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The Confident & Capable: 10km

The distance to choose if you can comfortably run 5km or for half an hour without stopping OR if you’ve run 10km before but it’s been foreverrrrrrrr since you’ve done an actual race at any effort.

You must be over 12 months post-partum to join this program.

It’s time to step it up!

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The Warrior: 21km

The half marathon. This is for you if you can run 10km, or for an hour without stopping, and are keen as mustard to take on the extra challenge.

You must be over 12 months post-partum to join this program.

Ready to REALLY test yourself?

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Hi, I’m Turia.

In 2011, I entered an ultramarathon in the outback of Australia. I was trapped by a grassfire during the race and received burns to 65% of my body. I spent six months in hospital going through gruelling rehabilitation, and was told that I’d never run again.

Since then? I’ve crossed the finish line at the Ironman World Championships, written four bestselling books, coached more than 40,000 people in my online programs, completed the Kokoda Trek, sailed a boat around French Polynesia, taken on massive physical challenges AND had two sons with my partner Michael.

And now, I want to run with YOU.

I started building this course after I had my first son.

I’ve always loved running, but after I had my son Hakavai, my life had changed. 

My day was no longer my own, you know?

I wanted to create a program that was flexible and took my family into consideration. A place where I got accountability without it being demanding, and where I had a group of women around me who really got where I was at.

That’s what I’ve created inside RUN.

We’re a community of cool, like-minded Mums (of teens or toddlers!) working together to get fitter, and feel stronger. This is a place where it’s celebrated to leave the laundry and go for a run, and where carving out a small fraction of your day for yourself is the main goal.

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Don’t think you’re a “runner”?

That’s what these women thought.