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Run with me – a guided ten minute running audio experience

By July 20, 2023No Comments

Hey lovely,

So, I have a running program called, appropriately, Run with Turia.  I made it for Mums, and busy non-Mums, who want to learn how to make time for themselves AND get fitter, stronger and more confident in the process …

As a little experiment,  I wanted to record a guided audio for the very first run inside my 5km beginners program. If you’re one of my Run with Turia  members, I hope you love this little bonus extra, and if you’re NOT  a member, I  hope this little audio experience helps you see what we’re all about inside my program – taking things slowly, giving yourself permission to be a beginner, and backing yourself to take one more step.

If you’ve just stumbled across this episode, and you’re curious about learning more about running with me, head to to find out more.  Enrolments are open this week!

Let’s dive in.