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We teach busy women how to run (for the very first time).

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’d love to feel more fit, but at the end of a long day with the kids and work, you just can’t seem to get off the couch
  • You’ve literally NEVER been a runner (and begged your parents to get you out of school sports)
  • You’ve tried Couch25k, running apps, gyms and fitness programs – and nothing seemed to work
  • You struggle with self doubt and a lack of confidence on a daily basis
  • You sometimes feel like there must be something wrong with you

In nine weeks with us, you'll be able to:

Run 5kms!

Yes, truly! I'll teach you my Shuffle Method - the secret sauce that's helped more than 4,000 non-running women learn how to actually run, with ease, for the very first time.
If you've NEVER been able to run before, this program will change everything.

Feel confident in your body (for maybe the first time!)

You'll uncover a new confidence in yourself and your body, and have a new ability to say YES to things that light you up, and NO to the things that don’t.

Build a consistent fitness routine (and end the cycle of “no motivation” for good)

I'll show you how to build a flexible, life-proof routine that doesn't rely on "motivation", and encourages you to keep things simple. No hectic plans. No "push yourself" rhetoric. Kind, supportive, safe encouragement to build running into a routine that works for YOU.

Save your seat on the waitlist

We only open 500 spots to each round of Run with Turia. Save your seat on the waitlist to be first in when the doors open.

For once, I didn’t fail. Turia has given me my life back - at 53.″

Inside the program

What’s waiting for you inside:


A flexible and effective training plan - to get you from 0 to 5 kilometres.

Over nine weeks, we’ll teach you the basics of running - how to breathe, how to go slow and how to ACTUALLY run. Each week includes a total of three runs, which you can schedule on the days that suit you.

Support for your mindset.

Started a fitness program before but never stuck to it? Or made it through two weeks only to go back to your old life when it ended? That’s not what we do inside Run with Turia. Our video library of mindset lessons will help you to start small, start slow and be a beginner.

Dedicated strength and mobility classes

Our approach to running is that less is more. To support this approach, we have a dedicated strength and mobility program. Doing this will keep you injury free.

Expert guidance

We know that running is so much more than just running. That’s why we have a carefully curated team of experts - from breathing to yoga to bra fitting and meditation. All of this makes running a success and it's the part that's often overlooked by other programs.

Never fail again, with these key lessons:


The Shuffle Method

The secret sauce that makes running actually possible!
We don't teach the run/walk method. Instead we teach you correct running technique and then show you how to slow it all down to a pace you can sustain. That's how you build your running fitness! It is a GAME CHANGER.

The Five Minute Rule

The antidote to "no motivation". Use the Five Minute Rule to get out the door on the days when you just don't feel like it, or to kickstart your routine after a bad week at work.

The Golden Ratio

No more "bad runs". Feel like you've failed at other running programs in the past? This technique will keep you on track, and give you a realistic guide to measuring your progress.

PLUS these EPIC bonuses to help you get to 5kms with confidence:

Bonus #1: Access to our private Facebook community

Bonus #2: A ten minute guided audio from Turia.

Bonus #3: An anti-diet nutrition guide

Your turn to make a move

We only open 500 spots to each round of Run with Turia. Save your seat on the waitlist to be first in when the doors open.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

How does it all work?

Are you sure I can do it? I’ve never been a runner before.

How do I know if this is right for me?

I have a bigger body and I’ve been told running will be bad for me.

Am I too old for this?

Do I only have a limited amount of time to access your bonuses?

I've had kids, can I still run?

How much access to Turia will I get?

Is there a money back guarantee?

Still not convinced you’ll be able to do it?

That’s what these women thought.

Umm… but who AM I?

(And why should YOU listen to anything I say?!)

Hi! I’m Turia Pitt.

Best-selling author, running coach, and Mum to two delightful little human tornadoes boys.

Back in 2011, I was caught in an out-of-control grassfire while competing in a 100 km ultramarathon in the Australian outback.

I was choppered out of the remote desert barely alive, with full-thickness burns to 65% of my body. I lost seven fingers, had over 200 medical procedures, and spent two gruelling years in recovery.

Learning to run again felt impossible.

Walking was hard enough. Really hard.

I had to go into gyms feeling super self conscious about my new body. I endured commentary from strangers saying stuff like, oh, I don’t think you’ll be able to do that and I don’t think people want to see you wearing that, and even worse, from patronizing strangers saying good job sweetie when I did a simple task. 

It physically hurt to move my body. Creaky joints, stiff burnt skin, wounds that were still healing. 

And couldn’t run more than 20 metres without feeling totally out of breath. 

But I did learn how to run again. 

This time, I tried a different approach. It’s the same approach I teach inside my running program for Mums, Run with Turia, and it’s based on the principles I share in this guide to motivation too.

It’s a method based on DOING LESS.

Lowering your expectations, allowing yourself to be a beginner, and having compassion for your self.

I got so good at running that I competed in the Ironman World Championships.  Yep, I did that five years after being burned to 65% of my body.

If you struggle with motivation, if you feel totally unfit, and completely overwhelmed about how to even get started on your fitness journey, I can help.

Let me teach you how to run.

My promise to you.

I know how scary it is to do something new.

I know what it feels like to wonder if you’ll be wasting money on another program… yet again.
We have a proven method of teaching women and mums how to run - even if they’ve never run before. And, we’ve successfully taught thousands of women, just like you.

And so, here’s my promise to you.

The only thing you need to do to make progress is to sign up.
I've got everything else sorted. I've hand picked experts that will help guide you on your journey - from mindset insights to breathing techniques. We have you covered. All you have to do is say yes.

Your turn to make a move

We only open 500 spots to each round of Run with Turia. Save your seat on the waitlist to be first in when the doors open.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

Join 2,437 women on the waitlist.

From our awesome community.

“Put your gym membership on hold and sign up to RUN. The feeling of achievement after each run is so worth it… and so is the time for yourself.”

– Lauren

“I went from being too scared to even run for short distances at the gym to actually enjoying running. It started small, made me challenge myself in a safe way and then gave me some quick wins. It was achievable and made me feel successful.”

– Jess

“The most fun, positive and just plain wonderful group exercise experience I’ve ever had in my life!! For a fraction of the cost of a yearly gym membership (or even some boot camps) you can gain fitness, skills and most importantly the best, biggest squad of cheerleaders ever. You’ll be set up to reach amazing goals (both now and in future)!”

– Linda

“Fun, challenging, exhausting but one of the best ‘fitness’ experiences I’ve had. This program works.”

– Chrissie

“I learnt that those distances I had run in the past (that I feared were slipping away from me) were still actually in me. I just needed to believe I could do it. Having Turia’s and Bel’s encouragement as well as this wonderful group of fellow runners helps prove to me that I’m not alone.”

– Sandy

“I’ve discovered just how much I need running – it’s the best head clearer there is. I’m proud that I’ve been able to push through mental and physical barriers, and am running further than I have in 8 years!”

– Amanda

“This is the first training program where I actually saw results and achieved the goal I set myself well ahead of time. The support, training tips and program is perfectly structured to ensure success.”

– Debbie

“Run with Turia is amazing! Fun, flexible and informative. I never thought I could enjoy running for over an hour! Amazed how this program has not only inspired me but my 9 year old (occasional) running buddy.”

– Yvonne

“Run with Turia gave me my sense of self back and gave me time to focus on just me”

– Christie

“Thanks to Turia, I feel like no matter what gets thrown at me, I now have the skills and mindset to get through it!”

– Cirsty

“Turia and the team are amazing, inspiring, motivating, kind and funny!  You will love the program, the coaching and the Facebook page!  Everyone is gorgeous and positive and generous with their feedback.  Of course you will find many challenges but you will grow and feel stronger and more empowered every day! You can do this!”

– Angela

“I can’t adequately describe the shift that has occurred through this program. I always thought of runners as “others”. I now know I am a runner. Yes I am a mother, a friend, a worker but I am also a runner. I can do the hard things… because why not!”

– Eva