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You legend! You did it!

I’m so pumped to have you in RUN with Turia!

All of the details are on their way to your inbox. Check for them in 5 mins – the team and I will just say a quick toast to your success and then get right on it.

Now, do you have a minute to tell me a little about yourself?

We’re itching to get to know you so I’d love it if you’d answer a couple of questions down below.

PS – If you need anything or if your email doesn’t arrive, just reach out to us in the inbox at run[at]

What is your name?

I've got two small boys, Hakavai and Rahiti. You?

What's your number one challenge in getting out the door for a run?

Could you share with me your approximate age?

Imagine you've just finished the program and you've reached your goal distance. How is that going to feel? What will you say to yourself? How will you celebrate?

Are you READY?
Let's do this! What say you?
How did you hear about Run?