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For busy mums struggling to make time for themselves

The Routine Rulebook

Get access to the ultimate collection of tools, strategies, and systems I use to balance work, family time, and self-care without losing the plot completely.*

*I do daydream about moving to a little secluded cabin in Alaska once in a while… But that’s a story for another time. 

For now, get your FREE Playbook right here:

“How do you manage to run a business, be with your kids, and find time to exercise?

It’s impossible for me.

Something always lacks.

Being a Mum is intense. Chaotic. Demanding. 

Everyone always needs something from you.

Nobody wants to eat the dinner you pulled out of the freezer.

And the last time you had a solid night of sleep was… Oh, who even remembers?

Sometimes you wish you had a fairy godmother who would come in, wave her magic wand, and make everything feel calm and peaceful again.

Let me be your (straight-talking, bushwalk-loving, Ironman-running) fairy godmother

By sharing all of my favourite tools, strategies, and systems for making things like “balance”, “peace”, and “sense of accomplishment” a part of your life again.

Inside the pages of this beautifully-designed PDF guide, you will find…

My real-life morning routine (minus the completely unrealistic 3-hour “intention setting” session)
The real-life evening routine I use to get a decent night of sleep on the regular (yes, even with two small children in tow)
The “House Rules” I need to have in place for any of those routines to actually work
The 6 organisational tools that I can’t live without (Seriously, if you take these away from me, nothing will get done)
The “Emergency Protocol” I use to handle days when everyone needs something from me (and no one can wait their turn)

And much, much more.

(Seriously. I’m even sharing exactly how I make my morning coffee. If you’re the, uhhhh, curious type, you need to get on this.)


The tools, strategies & systems I share inside The Routine Rulebook have helped me:

Recover from a life-altering accident

Write three best-selling books

Teach thousands of Mums how to run

… All while raising two delightful (but, uhh, rather *intense*) little humans and building a business I’m truly proud of.

Go beyond the ‘tips and tricks’ you already know.

Download your free Playbook

Take a peek at how this Mum, Business Owner and Ironman Finisher actually gets things done

My Morning Routine

Plus, a “no sleep” version you can borrow for those days when things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like.

My Evening Routine

Or, what it actually takes to get a semi-decent amount of sleep while trying to keep two small humans alive.

The House Rules

The foundational systems I (and probably you, too) need to have in place to actually execute any of my carefully-crafted routines.

The Sanity Toolbox

The exact tools I use to keep myself organised and on track (even when my two year old wakes me up at 4 am barking like a dog).

The Inspiration Station

The books to turn to when I need a dose of inspiration, motivation, and resilience (or simply a good laugh).

The Emergency Protocol

What do you do when everyone is screaming bloody murder? Flip to the last page of this guide and find out

Umm… but who the heck are you?

(And why should I listen to anything you say?!)

Hi! I’m Turia Pitt.

Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and Mum to two delightful little human tornadoes boys.

Back in 2011, I was caught in an out-of-control grassfire while competing in a 100 km ultramarathon in the Australian outback.

I was choppered out of the remote desert barely alive, with full-thickness burns to 65% of my body. I lost seven fingers, had over 200 medical procedures, and spent two gruelling years in recovery.

Surviving against overwhelming odds, I’ve rebuilt my life and defied every expectation placed on me. I’ve done some pretty cool stuff, like writing three best-selling books, coaching over 40,000 people inside my digital courses, and competing in the Ironman World Championships. 

Look, I know what it’s like to feel like you barely have enough energy to get out of bed… Let alone chase after your own dreams on top of your Mum duties.

To feel beyond overwhelmed because it feels like everyone needs something from you right this second and no one can wait their turn. I’ve been there. And the resources I’m sharing with you today are the same ones I wish I had when my son Hakavai was born.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get some sanity back into your life, champ.

Much love,

Turia x

The Routine Rulebook will feel like a big sigh of relief, Like, FINALLY, someone gets it if…

You have a lot of things on your plate and no idea how to fit it all in without going completely nuts
You often look at the “Instagram Mums” and wonder how they seem to have it all together (spoiler alert: they don’t)
You want to know how to make more time for yourself without adding to your ever-growing pile of mum guilt

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Take a peek inside my daily life

So that you can start feeling more inspired, motivated, and capable in yours (even if your kid wakes you up at 4 am barking like a dog again).

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