Lessons from Kona

After competing in my first Ironman in May 2016, I was invited to compete at the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

It was an intense and gruelling experience. The heat, the wind, the competition – it’s brutal! For me, it wasn’t the perfect race but I dug deep and gave it everything I had and you can’t ask for more than that!

Ultimately, Kona taught me over and over again that when we get our mindset right, we truly can achieve anything.

I kept a blog in the lead up to race day, check it out below.

Road to Kona Blog

I did it!

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I really feel so bloody proud of myself! The race was so brutal, and I’m totally ecstatic to have finished. It was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve taken on – the wild heat,…

Pre-Race Jitters

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The build up to Kona over the last few months has been pretty damn intense, so I was lucky to be able to come over to Hawaii a little early and squeeze in some R&R…

The Road to Kona is Getting Shorter

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Hey champions, Well, I’m here in Kona, Hawaii and I'm prepping like mad for the Ironman World Championships next weekend. This challenge feels almost impossible. It feels so BIG. I’m finding myself swinging from pure excitement…

The Power of Mindset

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For me, the Ironman journey has been over five years in the making and it’s been the biggest goal that’s kept me going on the road to recovery. I reckon I’ve learned a lot about…

Heat Training in Thailand

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The weeks are flying by, but I think I feel more relaxed this time around. Because I’ve already done IRONMAN Australia and therefor know a bit more now about what to expect, I feel confident…

Road to Kona – The Dream Becomes Reality

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After the fire nearly five years ago, I had to learn how to do everything again—everything from walking and talking to eating and dressing. I’d always been super active and my self-esteem was tied up…

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