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How to get your year back on track

By July 4, 2018July 10th, 201815 Comments

Hey champ!

It’s been six months since my last email challenge! More than 17,000 people joined that challenge and used it to create clarity and energy for the year ahead.

But I wanna know, how are things tracking for you this year?

See, most people start the year with enthusiasm and motivation – ready to make serious change and smash some goals. But as the months go by, it’s pretty common to find yourself falling back into bad habits and old patterns. If that’s you, and you’re feeling a bit stuck right now, join my three-day challenge to get some clarity, focus and renewed energy to finish what you started!

Over three days, I’m gonna be sharing three simple strategies that you can use to:

  • Gain more clarity into what you’re trying to achieve this year
  • Know how to prioritise yourself and your goals (in a jungle of “things to do” and “places to be”), and;
  • Tap into more energy, whenever you need it.

The best part? It’s FREE to join!

This is your chance to show up and make the rest of 2018 count.

It’s 10 minutes a day, for three days, that could change the rest of your year (hell, the rest of your life).

All you have to do is pop your name and email address in the form below and I’ll be in touch to kick things off.


Turia xx

Join the challenge

The challenge has now started.
If you missed out, but want to get your goals for 2018 back on track, check out Turia’s School of Champions.


  • Leonie says:

    I didn’t have a plan for the year.
    My Mum had a stroke on 23/12/17 and died on 5/1/18. I sat with her at the hospital every day. I think lm feeling well Enough now to get my life going again. I am 62 and need help. Thank you Turia.

  • Not as good as I could be now. Need recharging

  • Absolutely… Don’t know what to do. Hope this challenge would help me.

  • Pam says:

    Want to love life again ?

  • Lesley Norman says:

    I just like to achieve something every day whether that be physical or knowledge

  • Norelle Reeves says:

    With faith all things are possible

  • Sara Kennard says:

    I really want to feel confident in myself and not care so much what people think of me. I get a lot of anxiety and that can stop me from living my life, I hide behind my husband who is so supportive but I need to be my own confident person. Some how along the way I’ve lost myself and I need to not care so much and just relax and enjoy life! Turia I’m currently reading your book and it seriously puts life into perspective, you are such a beautiful person and an inspiration to woman. To have your positivity and love for life would be so amazing. Keep being an absolute legend xo

  • Lucia Mizzoni says:

    Can’t wait!!

  • Nell Rogers says:

    Thanks for the offer, I’m definitely up for the challenge 🙂

  • Emily says:

    Thanks for this!

  • nilah says:

    I am wanting to just fine tune my mojo this year ie; maintain my Massage Therapy business, get back into my exercising and work outs, and stay on track with my goals for 2018

  • Alison Rayner says:

    re-set here I come.

  • Astha says:

    ?? waiting

  • Ghita says:


    Thanks for this ! Would love to join the challenge 🙂

  • Kelli says:

    Yes please!