Turia’s School of Champions


It’s official! I’ve opened the doors to School of Champions for holiday gifting!

So now you can gift a membership to someone you love (yourself included – because you deserve a kick-ass 2019 too!).

I know, I’m a Christmas angel 😂

What is School of Champions?

SOC is an online mindset coaching program that will help you achieve the things that matter most to you.

It’s my seven-step guide to getting unstuck, ditching your excuses, overcoming all kinds of barriers and making things happen!

So, if there’s something you want to change in your life, or a dream you want to realise, or maybe just a stuckness you want to smash through, SOC is gonna help you actually make it happen.

No bullsh*t New Years Resolutions here. I’m talking real, game-changing, bloody life-changing stuff.

And it’s me (and my straight-forward approach) leading you through this.

Each lesson in SOC includes a video packed with my personal stories and strategies plus worksheets, activities, tips and resources.

This is stuff I don’t share anywhere else  …. and it works.

Launching new careers, running marathons and clearing debt – take a look at what some of my SOC-ers have achieved!

Everything you need to achieve success has been poured into this program – including access to our private SOC Facebook community to help support you along the way. Plus, you can reach out to me and my team at any time, with a dedicated support email for members of SOC.

Once you’ve purchased, we’ll send you a welcome PDF you can give to your giftee.
So as not to spoil the surprise, we won’t contact your giftee until January 7. On that date, we’ll be in touch to set them up with their unique login details, and access to our private community. All you have to do is enter your giftee’s details below, add to cart and we’ll organise the rest! Simple!

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