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“Are you working out during your pregnancy?”

By November 15, 2017December 8th, 20173 Comments

Hey champ,

As you probably know from my incessant Instagramming – I’m pregnant!

Michael and I are expecting Baby Hoskin in just a few weeks, which is really exciting.

I’ve received heaps of q’s about what exercise I’ve been doing, and what I’m eating during pregnancy, so for those of you who are interested, I’ve answered those q’s below:



I’m definitely not in full, intense-o Ironman training mode, but I am still exercising daily.

I go to Pilates 2-3 times a week (I go to Body Align Physio & Pilates in Mollymook), introduced more yoga to my routine (I see Himani in Dolphin Point) and try to either walk or swim every day.

I kind of think giving birth is a bit like a marathon in that the stronger and fitter I am going into it, the easier I think I’ll find it (and the quicker I’ll recover from it too).



I haven’t really had the cravings that everyone talks about getting. So, I’m eating relatively normally – lots of fresh veg and clean stuff, and the occasional plate of hot chips too haha!

I have been getting heartburn something chronic though, so I just try to eat smaller meals.


Overall, not too much has changed, except that I’m not in hardcore training mode, and I am definitely more tired than I expected to be.

These days I’m less rapper, more napper ?


If you’ve got q’s for me, pop them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer some before Baby Hoskin arrives!

Turia x

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  • Olivia tutungi says:

    Hi turia, I hope you don’t mind a personal question but I can’t help wondering how your skin and scars are coping with the stretching of your growing body? Thinking of you and hoping that it’s not too painful, Olivia

  • Emma says:

    I feel good that someone as fit as you is doing relatively similar amounts of exercise as I am during pregnancy. You look amazing!!

  • Simone says:

    Hey Turia,

    Congrats to you and Michael on the impending arrival of you special little soul man! A very exciting and special time for your family!

    I’ve got two little ones and was lucky to feel pretty darn good through both pregnancies (had mad heartburn last time tho too!) and able to keep up my usual exercise (lots of yoga, walking, jogging, light weights/body weight exercises).
    I feel it definitely helped me give birth – it was almost like a confidence thing. Knowing my body was strong and had successfully endured some past challenges gave me peace of mind that I was gonna be strong enough (mentally and physically) to get through the birth of both kids. After all you’ve achieved, you have without a doubt got this birth thing in the bag.
    I wish you the best birth experience possible (however that looks for you!) and like many others will be sending a little “whoop!” your way when bubba joins the world!

    All the best,