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How to do more and stress less

By July 20, 20176 Comments

Well, Michael and I are back from Africa.

We’re mad frothers for an adventure and Namibia delivered in spades. Sleeping on the roof of our 4WD while lions and leopards prowled around the camp is up there with one of the coolest things we’ve ever done!

But, more than that, meeting new people, exploring their culture, and witnessing diverse and dramatic landscapes – well, it made for three of the best weeks of our lives.

It’s been nice to get home though. We arrived back just in time for our 20 week scan which was really cool.

Crazy to think that our new little third wheel is halfway cooked! The scan told us we’ve got a kid with an X chromosome and a Y chromosome on the way …. yep, it’s a boy! (What, you didn’t study genetics at school? Haha!)

Life feels kind of full on right now.
I’m working on some really exciting new projects in my business, I’m planning for the next round of my online program School of Champions and in the background of it all is the knowledge our baby is gonna be here in just a few short months.

When you’ve got a million and one things to do it’s easy to feel kind of overwhelmed.
You know what I mean? Like, there’s a moment where you sort of just get all hot and stressed and almost crack just thinking about everything that you’ve gotta do? It’s especially bad when you’re just back from holiday and your inbox looks like it’s going to explode!

Well, today, I thought I’d share my favourite little tip, inspired by Marie Forleo, for staying sane and productive – even when my To Do list feels like it might be the end of me.

I shared this tip a while back when I ran my 7 Day Challenge, but it felt like time to share it with you again.

I call it The Overwhelm List, and it’s perfect for anyone who feels like hyperventilating at your desk is normal (hint: it’s not).

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down absolutely everything that’s jumping around in your head right now. The jobs you have to do at home, the projects you’re managing at work, the bills you need to pay, the friends you need to visit. Absolutely anything and everything renting space in your head – write it down. Tip: If this task feels overwhelming in itself, just set a timer on your phone for ten minutes. You can make ten minutes to get this done.

  2. Now, take your pen and cross out everything on your list that is outside of your control. Things like wanting your boss to like you more or wanting your mother-in-law to be nice to you – we can’t control stuff like that! So don’t waste any more energy worrying about it.

  3. Next, cross out all the ‘shoulds’ – the things you think you ‘should’ be doing. I’m not talking about the things you legally should do, like paying that parking fine! I’m talking about catching up with that friend who always drains you with her negative gossip, or joining the P&C committee at your kids school.

  4. Now, take everything you’ve crossed out and delete those tasks from your mind too! You’ve now taken these off your list. They’re gone. Finito. See ya never.
    The only items left on your list now should be a list of the things you either have to do legally(!), want to do, or are things you actually can do – the things you have control over.

  5. Now it’s up to you to prioritise, schedule and start crossing those tasks off your list.

Getting on top of your overwhelm brings you back to a place of doing rather than a place of stressing. – Tweet it!

Oh, and one more tip for serious productivity?
Do the worst first.

Pick the biggest challenge on your list and do it, like, right now. Just get it done. Make that difficult phone call, start that major project.

By doing the worst first, you’ll get a real mental boost which will feed into more box ticking, task smashing productivity throughout your day. Yewwww!

Alright, enough prattle from me, go forth and get doing.

And let me know if this exercise helps you – how do you feel before and after making your list? Let me know in the comments below.

Turia xx

PS – Know someone who could benefit from a little less overwhelm? Share this blog with them.


  • Liz O'Neill says:

    Hi Turia. As you now know there is no place like Kenya. To visit is life changing. I have visited 3 times and we have a World Vision sponsor child there. You come back with a different outlook on life.
    Cheers Liz

  • Marcia says:

    I totally agree. I call doing the worst first ‘eating the frog’ and I have a little glass frog on my desk to remind me.
    Great ideas! And well done on the 20 weeks scan. We are all looking forward to your new arrival.

  • Vik says:

    Oh its SO Fab to hear the excellent news you 2. Great tips with the TO DO list also.

  • Thank you and congratulations. It is an interesting time of life we are in where the stories from a woman halfway around the globe can leave me feeling I ‘know’ you. Of course I don’t know you, but, I admire and appreciate your authenticity and attitude. I am happy for your son to have you two awaiting him and excited about him.

    Your tips are great! Overwhelm…I think that is my main nemesis. Do the worst first–great, great tool. I find it frees up so much energy. I mistakenly do little tasks first for the effect of accomplishing something. But after hours of little tasks I don’t have the energy for the important ones or worst ones. I have had success this year in using a Bullet Journal – I do a basic business one. Although I love seeing the ideas for an artistic one.

    All the best to you, Michael, and Baby Boy Pitt. Thank you for your impact on the planet…it is greater than you will ever know.

    PS If you pass through south Florida on your next trip stateside we have a place for you to stay (Palm Beach County).

  • Yvette says:

    Yes, do the worst first is like dealing with a pooey nappy. It doesn’t get any better if you leave it! And when you are dealing with those, concentrate on the end that smiles ?

  • Tina says:

    Great a out the news. Hope the sickness leaves soon. Mine was a bit better with gingernuts. Try it girl, it might work for you too . Much love from me xxx