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I’ve overcome a lot of challenges on my journey.

It hasn’t been easy, but ask anyone who has overcome a serious challenge and they’ll tell you the same thing I will: it doesn’t happen overnight.

Success is not a gigantic, cataclysmic, overnight event. There isn’t ‘one thing’ that will change your reality, there are a series of things that, together, contribute to your story of success.

For me personally, when it comes to conquering adversity, there are five things I talk about. In last week’s blog, I covered two of them. If you’re just joining me now, start there.

If you’re up to speed already, let’s dive in to the other three.


Sleep is probably the first thing to suffer when we encounter some form of adversity in our lives BUT it’s probably the most important thing to maintain your health! Try to establish a relaxing routine before bedtime – take a bath, read a bit, maybe do some stretching. Find what works for you and stick with it!

My mantra

For my ‘bad days’, I have a mantra, which I say to myself over and over –

“I may feel bad today, but I won’t always feel this way.”


I am really blessed to have incredibly supportive friends, family and partner. I had a whole team behind me who believed in me and encouraged me. Sure, you can’t choose your family but you CAN choose your friends and your partner. Negativity is contagious! Stay in contact with people who have a ‘glass half full’ outlook on life.

Until next time,

Turia xx

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  • Rebecca Larkin says:

    you are an AMAZING human being,you have helped so many people including me thank you soooo much.i aspire to be someone so positive and confident like you. you have tought me so much and have helped me to be more greatful about my life style because if people like you can stay so resilient and greatful even though how much you have been through so

    thank you!!

  • Ruby says:

    Hey Turia, I’m a 12 yr old girl who has a servre case of.. I don’t know but it makes my skin peel off and makes it raw and tender which is very painful!!! I can’t write or type or anything to do with my fingers ( even typing this hurts) it’s on all fingers apart from my left hand pinkie, I think it’s spreading to my palms so I could be allergic to something or what ever. I had a finger that got better (finally) but it was horrible still, it had big stretch marks and scars and I hated it! You make me feel so happy and I look up to you xx