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Hey Champions,

It’s been five years since I was caught in the fire and I’ve managed to overcome so many challenges on my journey.

The challenge of accepting the change in my physical appearance

The challenge of living life with only three fingers

The challenge of competing in endurance events despite not being able to regulate my body temperature like most people

The challenge of going through operation after operation, which four years on, is still ongoing

No matter where I go, these are the most common questions I am asked:

How did I do it?

How did I overcome all of my challenges?

How did I manage to turn my life around?

I guess there’s no one answer – I can’t put my finger on any one thing that I owe my success to. However, there are some key elements that I believe have greatly assisted me.

Over the next two weeks, I’d like to share five things that have had the biggest impact on my success with you.

I’m also excited to let you know that I’ll be exploring this topic in much greater detail, when I launch my School of Champions – a seven week course for those of you who want to tackle the challenges that excite you (and maybe even scare you a little!). I’m working on it non-stop at the moment and can’t wait to share it with you. It’s going to be kick-ass!

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For now, let’s jump in! This week we’re exploring two things that have helped me overcome adversity: prioritising your health and wellbeing and getting good professional help.

Health and wellbeing

I know it’s boring, but it’s true! Nourishing your body with real food and exercising regularly will help to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Exercise has been consistently shown to boost confidence levels, self-esteem and feelings of self worth. I’ve found yoga to be an incredible experience for the mind, body and soul.


During the earlier stages of my journey I saw a psychologist at least once a week and was on anti depressants for around two years. It was just what I needed at the time and I feel that it’s helped me immensely.

If you’re depressed, anxious or just feel like you need to talk to someone I would highly recommend that you see a professional.

Ready for more tips? Jump into Part Two now.

Turia xx

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