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The one thing you need to do before the end of the year

By October 5, 201720 Comments

Hey champ,

Last week I told you about how busy these last few weeks have been – what with the end of the year, and the arrival of our first baby approaching.

I asked you if you were feeling that end of year pinch too. And it seems I really hit on something with that question!

Those New Years Resolutions you set and promptly forgot about are rearing their heads, and you’re reminded daily by all the things you said you were gonna do this year, but just, sort of, haven’t gotten around to yet.

And as the days tick closer towards Christmas and NYE, I bet part of you is thinking “Stuff it, I’ll just do it next year.”

Well, sorry but I’m here to give you the big kick up the butt that you asked for. 

It’s the first week of October. There are 12 and a bit weeks until New Years Eve. Three months is a long time – even in a year that’s flying by as quickly as this one.

Even if what you set out to achieve can’t be done in the next twelve weeks, you sure as hell can make a start.

See, we all have this idea that “in the future” we’ll be able to stick to that diet, or start our business. But Future You is gonna face the same excuses and reasons not to start as Current You faces right now. You’re not going to be different unless you start working towards the things you want for yourself.

That “future version” of yourself doesn’t work until you do.Tweet it.

So, start now.

Ask yourself: What can I achieve in the next twelve weeks?

Are you going to start training for that half marathon? Are you going to make a budget and start paying off your debt? Are you going to finally start the cooking blog you’ve been talking about for years?

You tell me.

Tell me what you’re going to achieve in the next three months in the comments below.

I know you’re busy. I know finding the time to finish whatever it is you started this year isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

But you need to finish what you started.

Why? Because even though it’s hard to make time for your projects, it’s even harder to make progress when you’re surrounded by piles of unfinished tasks and abandoned resolutions.

So, this week, I want you to just take that first step.

Buy a pair of joggers for your half marathon training, book in a session with a finance or debt management consultant, register a domain name for your blog.

And the coolest part of all? That one small step is all it takes to get the wheels in motion. I like to imagine it as a ball sitting on top of a hill, all it really needs is one push before it starts rolling of its own accord.

All you have to do is start and suddenly you’ve put your “whatever” into motion.

I want the next twelve weeks to be a crazy productive time for you. Because productivity breeds productivity – the more you get done, the more you get addicted to getting stuff done.

So, over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of my favourite tips for being productive and efficient; and strategies to help you overcome the barriers that might be holding you back.

See you next week for more,
Turia xx


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PPS – My eBook Mindset Magic has a bunch of tips and tools to help you shift your mindset and smash big goals. If that could be helpful for you over the next twelve weeks, check it out here.


  • Dani says:

    Learn 12 songs on the keys ????

  • Bree says:

    God I love you Turia!! I am going to de clutter, that is going to be my jam for the next twelve weeks..

  • Charlotte de Klerk says:

    Hi Turia,

    I am going to stick to my running program even though there are many functions to attend and we are going away a number of times before NYE.
    I am going to watch my diet, especially drinking wine, which is a cultural thing in the Western Cape (South Africa) and I am a great lover of wine.
    I am going to stick to doing a bit of art every day, no matter whether it is drawing three lines or working on a huge painting.


  • Mel says:

    Hey Turia, I’ve stated to and will continue an hourly walk 3 days a week, reduce alcohol and espresso intake and design to launch business www site. Mel

  • Andrea says:

    I have just signed up for another Kokoda Challenge 96km in July 2018, after a few niggling injuries this year I didn’t get out running or doing mountain too much so now is the time to get back out there. I am going to take a run after each gym session building each week. Come January 1st it will be game on with training ramping up

  • Bianca says:

    Hi Turia,
    I’m going to keep going with putting myself first (well 3rd after my 17 year old son and 12 year old daughter). After a tough year involving a marriage break up after 18 years, I have lost 12kgs and have been feeling the happiest I’ve ever been, considering the horrible and unexpected turn of events my marriage took. I turn 40 in January and I want to loose another 10kgs before then. 3rd in line is certainly getting more attention then 4th in line ever did and I just want to keep staying positive and pushing through those sad days that still pop up now and then. Self care is an important thing that has always been put last……. until now!

  • Linda says:

    At first I thought of soooo many answers to write and then when deciding on what to answer I realised that that was my answer. Not to have so many things going on at once because that leads me to being jumbled with priorities and not achieving any goals because of having too many things happening all at once. So what I want to achieve over the next three months is to concentrate on 1 or 2 things at a time, setting myself realistic and achievable goals and finishing instead of failing.

  • Jen Ackerman says:

    Hi Turia,

    As always, I appreciate your messages. I am a big resolution-setter and I am very goal oriented (maybe it’s the teacher in me). I said I would start my own business (small and out of my garage) this year, but I DID IT! This year’s New Years resolution….check! My next big one…you mentioned…my first half marathon. I have wanted to run one since my freshman year of high school. The time never seemed quite right. My mom was expecting my youngest sister during my freshman year, so high school for me was busy helping her with infants and toddlers. Now, I’m about to be 35 with 3 little ones of my own. My youngest is 3 and I’m a stay at home mom for the first time in my life. It was a difficult transitions from PE teacher to full-time mom, but the love of running still stays with me. I hear the inner me saying it’s time to do this. I already have a friend helping me with a training schedule. I just wanted to say thank you! Your strength and gives me strength. ❤️ #2018ready

  • J says:

    To maintain my 15k “summer” distance. In pursuit of more halfies next year.
    (Okay and drop those 2-3kg)

  • I’ve worked out at a gym for the last 33 years four days a week. That necessitated getting up at 6 and that meant I rarely got more than 6 hours of sleep. Which left me feeling lousy. Lately, I’ve been sleeping later and going to the gym on my lunch hour or after work. It is more of a struggle to do that, but dang, I feel better getting more sleep and continuing to work out. Now, as I’m getting older, I realize that no matter what type of physical activity I do during the day, I need to stretch every single day, because I’m not physically flexible. So that’s the plan — sleep, keep working out with weights, treadmill etc. and stretch daily. I’m 63 and feeling good.

  • Parisa says:

    Hi turia.❤️ I don’t know how I achieve success ,I really want to be successful but I think every door are closed to me?I’m not decisions for months

  • polly says:

    For the first 30 days, I’m going to finish what I’ve started by finishing the Chicago Marathon and a 50k. Then I am going to focus on recovering and swimming 3 times a week. I’m going to make a list on Sundays of things to accomplish during the week so I can be more productive. I’m going to put my phone down and spend more time with the people around me.

  • Fanny says:

    I am going to be more organised in my job, be more regular in my exercising and, overall, have a more positive outlook on life. ☺

  • Annette Gibbard says:

    I don’t have too much to achieve before the end of the year because I already lost the weight I wanted to, and then did an overseas trip. It was on my list of goals to see Monet’s Garden in France, and I did it! So proud of myself! Perhaps I need to reassess my working hours, so my goal is to drop down to three days a week. I also plan to exercise more now that the weather has improved.

  • Bec says:

    Loved this kick in the butt.

    At the end of July I found myself in hospital with a rare neuromuscular syndrome (Miller Fisher Syndrome) and a 6 week old baby. I rapidly lost the ability to walk or use my arms, was numb from the neck down, my speech was slurred and my vision was minimal all within a 24 hour period. Most devastatingly I couldn’t hold my 6 week old to my body to breastfeed him. I sobbed every day my baby was taken from me as I was too sick to have him stay in the hospital with me. Over the next few weeks I learnt how to walk again, wipe my bum, do up buttons, change nappies, hold my baby and had to dig deep to overcome all the emotional and mental barriers in my way.

    I can gladly say that I now only have double vision in my right eye which is my only residual deficit. My baby boy seems to be none the wiser of all the chaos that surrounded him and he is thriving.

    I listened to your audio book in hospital and it helped me to realise that I was strong enough to overcome this. For that I can’t thank you enough.

    With 12 weeks of the year to go I have entered into a 2.5km open water swimming race on the 9th December and I start Italian lessons on Monday (geared on by this recent blog).

    Sorry – massive post which essentially I just wanted to say thanks a million. You’re simply awesome Turia, thanks mate.

  • Julie says:

    Ahhh you’re on to me!!
    Ok,loosing 6 kg. Now I’ve written it I have to do it.

  • Brianne says:

    Hi Turia,

    I would like to learn pilates and commit to attending a session each week. I have my first session booked in for next week!

  • Carla says:

    Hi Turia!
    In the next 12 weeks I am taking back control of my eating and continuing to follow my running program. I am also in the midst of potty training a 2 year old….so there’s that! Hahahaha!!

  • Bec says:

    Thanks for this post Turia, you are awesome.

    Back in July I found myself in hospital diagnosed with a rare neurological condition and a 6 week old baby. Within 24 hours I couldn’t feel from my neck down, couldn’t walk, couldn’t lift my arms, vision was minimal and speech was slurred. Most heartbreaking of all I couldn’t hold my baby to my body to breastfeed him.

    What followed was a lot of rehab (learning to walk, wipe my bum, hold my baby, change nappies to name but a few) and I had to dig deep to get back on my feet as quickly as I could for the sake of my little boy.

    That is where you came in – I listened to your audio book in hospital and realised that this was something that I had in me and that I could do it.

    I can happily report that I am back at home and my only residual deficit is double vision in my right eye and our little boy is none the wiser of the chaos that surrounded him.

    In the last 12 weeks left of the year I have entered into my first open water swim 2.5km on the 9th of December and after reading your blog I signed myself up to start taking Italian lessons and started last night – I loved it – wish I had of done it years ago!

    Basically this was a really long winded way of saying thank you, you’re a legend and I have deep respect for what you do.

  • Valerie??? says:

    you are such a gorgeous girl, I’m am doing a speech about you it is about who you admire.