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So, I was on my first run back after having my baby.

A big step! To be safe, I’d waited until I was physically ready and, once cleared by my physio, had planned to go for a short jog in the area around my house.

I was only 200 metres down the road when I got the world’s biggest stitch, and so I slowed up a bit. Shuffling slowly and steadily, I passed a guy in the street and he called out “Going slow enough, love?” before laughing to himself.

Normally I’d laugh that kind of comment off. But I was feeling vulnerable. And so, of course, I cried.

I felt crap, I felt humiliated and that little critic in my head went into overdrive. She started saying “You look like an idiot”, “Why are you even bothering?” and my favourite “You are a complete embarrassment to the sport of running”.

So look, it wasn’t an ideal first run back.

But here’s the thing: when you start something new, or when you’re out of practice at doing something, you have to kiss your ego goodbye.

For example, if you’re thinking about joining me in RUN with Turia (my new running program for Mums) next Feb, this might mean accepting that you’ll start out pretty slow! Maybe on some runs someone walking will overtake you (hey, been there MANY times!).

That is perfectly okay if you make sure that YOU are okay with it first.

And how do you get OK with it?

Well, there’s lots of ways (this is the stuff I’ll explore with you inside RUN), but being kind to yourself is a good start.

Try speaking to yourself like you’d speak to someone you love – like your best mate, or your kids.

Like, would you honestly sit down with your daughter and say, “Mate. Don’t bother running. You’re never going to get better. Waste of time”.

OF COURSE NOT!  So, why say that to yourself?

If there’s something new you want to try, go for it! Leave your ego at the door, accept that you won’t be amazing at it straight away and be kind to yourself as you make progress.

I’m proud of you mate,
Turia xx

PS – Speaking of running, I’ve put together a little guide to the things I eat before (and after) a run, including my go-to smoothie recipe. If that sort of thing interests you, you can get your hands on it here.

PPS – If you want to know more about RUN with Turiapop your details on the waiting list and I’ll keep you in the loop xx