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an unexpected surgery

Friday morning. 6am. The phone rings. It’s Michael. I’d been down the coast, visiting family with the boys for a few weeks. We were now making our way back up to FNQ. I was hanging…
Turia Pitt
May 5, 2022

What the fire taught me

Hello my friend, In an interview recently, a journalist asked me if I’d always been a determined, "never say die" sort of person. And, if yes, how had the fire developed that side of me?…
Turia Pitt
April 28, 2022

Is B-School right for you?

Before I dive in to this, one quick thing: If you’ve been reminding yourself to take a look at “that B-School thing Turia keeps talking about” now is the time to click this link. B-School…
Turia Pitt
March 2, 2022

I was a 10 year old vandal

Dad brandished the newspaper like it was a weapon. “They’re bloody doing it” he said, pointing the newspaper out towards the ocean. “They’re putting in a new sewerage pipe. And they’re putting it out right…
Turia Pitt
February 17, 2022

The books I loved in 2021

Here it is, my friend. My wrap up of the books I loved in 2021. I thought about making a spreadsheet of everything I’ve enjoyed this year and grouping them into categories (Top rated fiction…
Turia Pitt
December 21, 2021

I lost my engagement ring

"She might not live." That's what the surgeons told Michael, way back in 2011, after I was burnt. They asked him if he wanted to see me, but warned him I looked different (my head was the…
Turia Pitt
December 20, 2021