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The books I loved in 2021

Here it is, my friend. My wrap up of the books I loved in 2021. I thought about making a spreadsheet of everything I’ve enjoyed this year and grouping them into categories (Top rated fiction…
Turia Pitt
December 21, 2021

I lost my engagement ring

"She might not live." That's what the surgeons told Michael, way back in 2011, after I was burnt. They asked him if he wanted to see me, but warned him I looked different (my head was the…
Turia Pitt
December 20, 2021

It was not what we planned

Hey mate,So, a few years ago, I bought tickets for Michael, Hakavai and I to go and see The Wiggles.I’d been eagerly looking forward to the concert for months (I’m not sure if Hakavai realised what was…
Turia Pitt
December 6, 2021

The end of my beauty pageant career

When I was at uni, I decided to enter a Miss Earth beauty pageant. We wore bikinis when we were talking about the particular environmental issue we were passionate about (very serious ?). I’d probably…
Turia Pitt
May 14, 2021