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Mindset Strategies

You are doing too much

Hey champ, Every time I send out this weekly blog, I get stacks of replies from people telling me how this is the year they’re going to radically improve something in their life. That’s awesome, right?…
Turia Pitt
June 7, 2018

My first Mother’s Day

WARNING: Reading this blog may cause nausea and dizziness. It contains flowery, overly descriptive sentences about love and motherhood. When people ask me to describe what it’s like being a parent, my first thought is…
Turia Pitt
May 13, 2018

The books I’m reading

Hey champ, As you probably know by now, I'm a voracious reader. I read every night before bed, without fail. In fact, as I've mentioned on the blog before, one of the first things I asked…
Turia Pitt
April 22, 2018

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