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The end of my beauty pageant career

When I was at uni, I decided to enter a Miss Earth beauty pageant. We wore bikinis when we were talking about the particular environmental issue we were passionate about (very serious ?). I’d probably…
Turia Pitt
May 14, 2021

A letter to my Mum

Hello my friend! A few months ago, Samuel Johnson invited me to write a letter to my Mum, for his new book Dear Mum. I leapt at the chance, because: a) you know I like writing…
Turia Pitt
May 9, 2021
Self Care

my hospital records arrived

It was a rigmarole getting my hospital records in the first place. “Yes, I know, but I need the records relating to my nose operations” I politely spoke down the line.  “Yes, I’ve had heaps…
Turia Pitt
March 14, 2021