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Three Reasons You Can’t Run

So, you’ve downloaded some 12 week beginners running program, splashed out on some fancy new running shoes, carefully curated the PERFECT Spotify playlist, mapped out a route to run, and, at the crack of dawn,…
Turia Pitt
September 8, 2023
Self Care

How to make habits stick

Wanna know how I got into the habit of stretching every night? I bribed myself. I decided that if I wanted to watch Netflix after the kids went to bed, I had to stretch while…
Turia Pitt
March 16, 2023

I wrote a book with my Mum

Being away with my Islander mother is an exercise in Tahitian. A flurry of activity, joie de vivre, excessive energy …… and then there’s me 😂 We’re at a shoot for the new book we…
Turia Pitt
February 1, 2023

How to train your dog

Hey mate, When I was growing up, my family had an energetic red kelpie named Uri. Uri means dog in Tahitian, so it wasn’t the most imaginative name. He was a very intelligent dog. Once…
Turia Pitt
June 19, 2022