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I gave up

Before I had Hakavai, I had this idea that I would record all the important milestones in his little life. I thought it would be cool to reflect on when he was older. Also, I…
Turia Pitt
November 15, 2019

Bad Day? I got ya.

I think there’s this false idea out there that we are supposed to be happy all the time. But I don’t think that’s possible. Just as we have good days, we have OK days and…
Turia Pitt
October 4, 2019

The thief in the night

“Dad, my wetsuit is gone!” my brother Genji stammers. We’re on school holidays and we’ve been surfing all day, every day. I’m neat and conscientious so after every surf my wetsuit is turned the right…
Turia Pitt
August 8, 2019