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Mindset Strategies

My very luxurious and VIP morning routine

By November 10, 2020No Comments

Let me take you through a typical morning at my house:

The peacock calls (Hakavai sits up in bed and woofs like a dog), I glide out of my gossamer sheets (untangle the doona), slip on my finest silk slippers (hiking socks) and drink a cup of the rarest jasmine tea (head blindly for the coffee machine).

After that’s done, I don’t do something.

What’s that something?

I don’t look at my phone.

Because what happens when you look at that magic little rectangle, my friend?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you get sucked into a digital vortex of [mostly bad] news stories, emails and calendar notifications, Instagram stories, your Twitter feed ….. and, all of a sudden, you’re either:

a) very stressed and panicked about the state of the world, or;
b) thinking about what everyone else is doing before you’ve even considered what you would like from your day, thank you very much, or;
c) all of the above.

So, tonight, before you go to bed, put your phone on the other side of the room.
And when your alarm goes off in the morning, don’t let your fingers do their usual sexy rumba, dancing their way over to the notifications screen.

Switch that alarm off, put your phone back down and give yourself five minutes to wake up first, OK?

Use that five minutes to make a coffee or have a shower or make your bed up all nice and neat.

Not looking at my phone is the first step in my morning routine for a reason.
Actually, make that three reasons:

Is it simple? Yes.
A quick win? Absolutely.
And does it make me feel good? 100%.

In fact, my entire morning mindset routine hits the same marks. It takes less than ten minutes. And it’s full of quick wins that help me wake up in a good mood, with energy, feeling grateful and inspired.

I unpack my whole routine in a little mini course.

So, if you want my intel on:

  • What the very first thing you do in the morning should be
  • What question to ask yourself if you want to feel motivated and fired up
  • A simple gratitude practice that will flip your perspective, and;
  • Simple tricks to keep you feeling motivated and focused all day long.

And if you want to know how to do it all in less than ten minutes  …. this little mini-course is for you.

Check it out here.

Sending you much love,
T x

PS – Want to get your hands on the recipe to my signature dish – my famous mint choc slice? It’s my go-to dish. For real. Like, whenever a mate’s having a baby shower/party for their Shetland pony, I get asked to make “that yummy chocolate mint slice thing”. You get the recipe as a little welcome note when you join my letter gang. You can join right here.