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It’s something I talk about a lot, but there’s no faster way to achieve your goals than with the support of a kick-ass team.

Friends, family, my partner Michael, surgeons, nurses, coaches and mentors – they all form part of my crew and it’s thanks to them that I can achieve the goals I set.

But, maintaining relationships isn’t always easy.

Here are my top three tips for developing and maintaining strong relationships with the people around you:

Contact and Communication

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good! Sometimes I’ll go to text a friend and think “I really should call them” but then I’ll get distracted or something else will pop up and before you know it, a week has gone by without me having reached out to my friend at all. So, when you think you should call/text/visit someone, reach out in whatever way you can as a minimum step.

Of course, face-to-face connection with friends/family/colleagues is always the best kind, but do what you can to check in the way that you can.

Relationships shouldn’t be hard

If a relationship feels like hard work it’s probably not worth the effort. Relationships should come naturally. If there is someone in your life that you find draining, I’d suggest you minimise the time you spend with that person.

Love yourself first

This is the most important tip – having a healthy relationship with yourself should be your top priority. If you’re not in love with yourself, you can’t expect others to love you too!

There’s a really interesting study that found it’s when you feel attractive or energetic that other people will find you attractive or energetic too. The reverse is also true, if you feel unattractive, depressed or lethargic, people will find you to be that way as well.

So, it’s incredibly important that you carve out time in your day to do things that make you feel good. Whether that’s going for a run, or spending time at the beach, having time to yourself. When you’re feeling good, you’ll naturally attract and maintain relationships that resonate with you at your best and happiest.

What do you do to develop and maintain healthy relationships? Would love to hear your tips!

Share them with me @turiapitt.

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