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Why I drove two hours to see some birds

By June 9, 2023No Comments

A few years ago, I set myself a challenge to visit every National Park in Australia.

I started out small – just NSW to begin with – sitting down one night, while my family was sleeping, to pull every NSW National Park into a spreadsheet.

There were 225 of them.

I then went and highlighted each park I had visited, and wrote a comment in the cell next to it.

‘Warrumbungles National Park – visited 98? With family, mum, dad and bros. Toriki was a newborn baby. Camping trip in the middle of winter. Dad let me drive the Tarago’

Soon I was recalling all kinds of memories – ones I thought I’d lost.

It may seem obvious, but you don’t know you have memories until you, you know, remember them.

Listen to this episode of the pod to hear how you too can create and find more memories of your own adventures. It’s a quick 4 min listen that might just make “making memories” a little easier.