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Welcome to Day Two.

It’s time to run.

Your challenge today:
Go for a ten minute run.

Now, if you’ve just read that sentence, and had a complete brain melting freak out, don’t click out of this webpage just yet.

What you’re experiencing is what most members of my nine-week running program, Run with Turia, feel when they open their program for the first time too.

And without a doubt, it is the single most terrifying thing most of our members face when they join us. Because ten minutes is a really long time! And most of our members swear up and down that they just won’t be able to run for that long.

But, here’s what they learn inside:

Running, is not really RUNNING. At least, not when you first start out. I think most people assume that running means, y’know, a super fast, confident pace. You might think of a “runner” and picture some lean, leggy woman striding out along the path in skin tight lycra.

But it’s not.

When you are learning to run, it’s all about going as slowly as possible.

Now, inside Run with Turia, we do things a little differently. We don’t follow the run/walk method that you might be used to. Our aim is to get you running consistently, not stopping and starting. But when you first start out, the only way to do that is to go REALLY slowly.

In RWT, we call this super slow jog, the “shuffle” – and it is the one tool that our members SWEAR by as their running breakthrough.

Literally. The shuffle is what has taught over 4,000 women inside my program how to run.

So, let’s show you the shuffle….

How to tackle your ten minute run (meet “the shuffle”)

I’ve asked Grace and Jess from Team Turia to show you how to tackle this first ten minute shuffle.

Grace has worked with me since 2015, and she was the first guinea pig of the 5km RUN with Turia program. Because she was, in her words, UTTERLY TERRIFIED of running, she roped in her equally non-runner mate Jess, and the rest is history.

These girls used the shuffle method to go from “never run in their life” beginners, to completing the 5km program, then completing the 10km program. Jess even joined our team!

And Grace even went on to tackle a 25km trail run in the desert earlier this year (why, you ask? I don’t think she knows why either hahahaa!).

The point is: if these girls can run, so can you. Watch this vid to learn how to shuffle with them.

“But, Turia, I could WALK faster than this!”

 Yep. You’re right! You probably could.

But running and walking are two very different movement patterns. So by running (no matter how slow you are going), your body is learning the movement pattern for running. The more you do it, the better you’ll get!

Slow and steady, my friend!

Let’s recap:

OK, let’s recap what Jess and Grace covered. This is how to tackle your ten minute run:

  1. Watch the Running Technique video below, and practice that technique in a really slow bounce or shuffle (Welcome to the #ShuffleClub!)
  2. Find somewhere quiet and safe to do your run.
  3. Use an Interval Timer app to count down your minutes. Inside RUN with Turia, we call this technique “chunking the run” – it gives you a smaller goal to work towards inside your run (you know how much I love those baby steps!). Grace and Jess used this app, but any app that beeps at the times you set will work!
  4. Warm up for five minutes before you start  (a slow walk will do, but I’ve also decided to give you access to the pre-run activation exercises our physios share inside RUN with Turia. These are a pre-run GAME CHANGER!).
  5. Start shuffling!
  6. If you start to find things hard, slow down! It doesn’t matter how slow you go, OK?
  7. Finding things tough mid-run again? Awesome, slow down even more.

Remember to back yourself, go slow and leave your ego at the door.

And like Jess and Grace say: If you don’t make it to ten minutes, that’s OK! Go for as many beeps as you can, but remember this is not a game of perfection.

1. Let’s look at your running technique.

In this video, you’ll meet Bel Fong – the incredible running coach (and hot chip connoisseur and incredible fancy dress costume creator) that we work with inside RUN with Turia.

This is a short vid that we use inside the program to help our members practise good technique. Use this as the basis of your shuffle!

And remember, this takes practice! Give yourself permission to be a beginner here, OK? Don’t expect to have perfect technique straight away!

2. Warm up with these pre-run activation exercises

These pre-run activation exercises were designed by the physios we work with inside RUN with Turia.

In our physio Sammi’s words: It is imperative to warm up your body and muscles. Doing the proper muscle activation exercises prior to running can make a huge difference in how you feel during the run by improving stability and neuromuscular control.

Give them a go! (Oh, and yes, we do provide sped up recap versions of this video inside RUN with Turia. But I want you guys to do it properly this first time).

3. Now, put it all together.

You’ve watched the Shuffle Video?

You’ve checkout out the Technique?

You’ve warmed up?

Now you need to start.

By the way – your inner critic is gonna come up with lots of reasons that you can’t or shouldn’t start.

It’s OK. This is scary. Doing something new is ALWAYS scary.

I know you might feel scared, or uncertain, or worried. But could you give it a go anyway?

I know you can do this.

PS – This is just a teeny, tiny snippet of what you get inside RUN.

We also have pelvic floor workshops with our womens health physios, guided breathing workshops, on demand strength training videos, foam rolling, stretching and mobility workouts plus a whole library of tips from me on things like how to actually get out the door, how to say no, how to shut down your inner critic and how to build your running habit so it sticks! There’s live coaching calls with me, bra fitting workshops and a whole community of amazing women to lift you up (and keep you accountable).

 It’s truly the best place on the Internet.
Interested? Stay tuned for enrolments to open soon!

Check out Run with Turia here

Meet your coaches

Turia Pitt

Ahhhh, that’s me (You know me already, yeah?)

But let’s recap: I’m a Mum of two boys, a runner, Ironman, author and the creator of RUN with Turia – a running program I’ve created specifically for Mums (but anyone who wants to learn how to carve out some “me time” is welcome to join – kids or not!).

Coach Bel

I met Bel when I was slogging it out training for my first ever Ironman back in 2016. Bel took me under her wing, trained with me, and shared her deep passion for post-race hot chips with me.

She’s a Level 1 Triathlon Coach , certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Remedial Massage Therapist who has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. She previously worked as running coach for Can Too, teaching beginners how to run and in turn, funding research to help cure cancer (so yeah, she’s a saint).

I’m stoked that she can share all of her wisdom (chip-related and non-chip related) with you!

Don’t think you’re a “runner”?

That’s what these women thought.

What it’s like to train with me.

I’m so proud of the legends I’ve worked with in the past. Here are some of their stories.

“Thanks to Turia, I feel like no matter what gets thrown at me, I now have the skills and mindset to get through it!”

– Cirsty

“I can’t adequately describe the shift that has occurred through this program. I always thought of runners as “others”. I now know I am a runner. Yes I am a mother, a friend, a worker but I am also a runner. I can do the hard things… because why not!”

– Eva

“Turia and the team are amazing, inspiring, motivating, kind and funny!  You will love the program, the coaching and the Facebook page!  Everyone is gorgeous and positive and generous with their feedback.  Of course you will find many challenges but you will grow and feel stronger and more empowered every day! You can do this!”

– Angela

“Put your gym membership on hold and sign up to RUN. The feeling of achievement after each run is so worth it… and so is the time for yourself.”

– Lauren

“I went from being too scared to even run for short distances at the gym to actually enjoying running. It started small, made me challenge myself in a safe way and then gave me some quick wins. It was achievable and made me feel successful.”

– Jess

“The most fun, positive and just plain wonderful group exercise experience I’ve ever had in my life!! For a fraction of the cost of a yearly gym membership (or even some boot camps) you can gain fitness, skills and most importantly the best, biggest squad of cheerleaders ever. You’ll be set up to reach amazing goals (both now and in future)!”

– Linda

“Fun, challenging, exhausting but one of the best ‘fitness’ experiences I’ve had. This program works.”

– Chrissie

“I learnt that those distances I had run in the past (that I feared were slipping away from me) were still actually in me. I just needed to believe I could do it. Having Turia’s and Bel’s encouragement as well as this wonderful group of fellow runners helps prove to me that I’m not alone.”

– Sandy

“I’ve discovered just how much I need running – it’s the best head clearer there is. I’m proud that I’ve been able to push through mental and physical barriers, and am running further than I have in 8 years!”

– Amanda

“This is the first training program where I actually saw results and achieved the goal I set myself well ahead of time. The support, training tips and program is perfectly structured to ensure success.”

– Debbie

“Run with Turia is amazing! Fun, flexible and informative. I never thought I could enjoy running for over an hour! Amazed how this program has not only inspired me but my 9 year old (occasional) running buddy.”

– Yvonne

“Run with Turia gave me my sense of self back and gave me time to focus on just me”

– Christie