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Love notes, from me,
to you

An Audio Series

Six love notes to listen to,
whenever you need a little self love boost.

Access the full podcast here, or listen episode by episode below.


Start here

The first time I saw myself after the fire. A journey from self love ZERO.

Listen here.


You don't change by feeling bad

Simple actions you can take right now to start feeling good. Listen here.

Why goals rule

And moving your body in a different way can have a drastic impact on how you see yourself.

Listen here.


What my Dad taught me

The lesson I learned as an 8 year old, and what it can teach all of us today.

Listen here.


Why comparison sucks

And how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Listen here.


Why no sunsets are bad

An analogy that will change the way you see “bad photos” of yourself. This is one of my favourite tips from Lyndi Cohen – the Nude Nutritionist. She’s a total gem and you can pre-order her new book here.

Listen here.


That time I got yelled at on the subway

And how to allow yourself to be imperfect, because it’s OK to be insecure from time to time and still love yourself for who you are.

Listen here.