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The time has come, my friend.

You’re going to learn how to run!

Over three days, starting Monday September 25,  I’m gonna teach you how.

What I’ll share with you is just a snippet of what I’ve shared with the THOUSANDS of women inside my nine week running program Run with Turia.

I’ve carefully pulled out some of the key lessons from that program, and turned them into three tasks for you to complete.

It’s gonna be a jam-packed, brilliant, supportive, INCREDIBLE, few days together.

I’ve recorded daily pep talks for you, will be hosting epic live webinars and will share everything I can to make running actually, seriously DOABLE.

Get started by joining our Facebook group here.
It’s a private space I’ve created just for us to learn in together. The group will be open from September 25 – October 1.

And then have a look at what I’ve got in store for you:

Your Learn to Run schedule:

Three days of learning, webinars and podcasts.  All here, in one spot, for you.

Monday – September 25

Your daily task has been released below (just scroll down to the Daily Tasks section on this page).

Don’t worry, there’ll be NO running today! So no special equipment is required.

You’ll just need 10 – 20 minutes, and somewhere quiet to sit and complete a little written activity.

Can’t find quiet? No stress. A loud environment is fine too (hey, we do what we can hahaha!).


I’ve recorded a special podcast episode just for you.
I’ll send it to you on Monday morning! It’s something you can pop on and listen to whenever you need a reminder that you can do hard things!

Tuesday – September 26

Your daily task will land in your email inbox at 4am AEST.

And today is: Running Day!

Don’t freak out, I promise I’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to get started. I’ll teach you our technique and step you through the GAME-CHANGING Shuffle Method that’s made running possible for more than 4,100 women.

Set aside 20-30 mins to get your prep, warm up, short shuffle/run and cool down completed.

And don’t worry too much about organising special gear.
One of the reasons we love running so much is that you don’t need heaps of expensive gear!

If you’ve got a pair of running shoes, and some activewear, awesome! A good sports bra is also great.

But really, any comfy sports/running shoe, and some loose, comfy clothes will do.

I’ve also recorded a special guided audio you can listen to during your run.

Wednesday – September 27

Your daily task will land in your email inbox at 4am AEST.
No running today – so there’s nothing to prep.

This is a short task today – just set aside 10-15 minutes.

Today’s task will help you start forward planning, and figuring out how to make this running thing actually stick. In other words, today we’re gonna figure out how to get, and stay, motivated.

7:30PM: LIVE WEBINAR: Making It Stick – How to build a sustainable running routine. A setback-proof approach to staying motivated.

You’ve made it through the challenge….. and you’re maybe considering giving this running thing a go.

So …. what now?

Join Turia, Coach Bel and the team to learn what steps to take next. We’ll share our tips on getting started and staying consistent.

If you’ve ever started a new program, or joined a new gym, and then had it all fall apart a few weeks in, you need to register for this webinar.

We’ll be sharing the THREE things you can do to stop a sick kid, a tough meeting, or maybe just a bad week, from totally derailing you in two weeks time.

Time: 7:30pm (Sydney time AEST)
Register here.

Note: You must register via that link above.
Our webinar platform, Demio, will then send you your unique link to join.

Today, I’ve got another podcast episode for you. It’s a short, sharp five minute listen that will help you make this new running habit stick.

Your daily tasks

Every day from Monday September 25 – Wednesday September 27, we’ll release your daily task here.

Keep checking back every morning to see what’s in store each day.

Day One

Goooood morning my love!

Day One … how are you feeling?

Now, don’t be nervous, because we’re gonna start really small, OK?

Because, my friend, that is what I’m ALL about. Baby steps!

So today, there will be no running.

Instead, we’re going to explore this question….

What would you do, if you didn’t feel embarrassed?

So many women have told me they would have started running earlier in life, if only they could do it in private – getting all the slow and embarrassing runs out of the way FIRST and only emerging when they felt “fit enough” –  running down the main street of town with perfect technique, breathing controlled, ponytail perfectly bouncing behind them.

That you?

We want to avoid feeling embarrassed at all costs, even if it means never learning at all.

But that’s not how it works!

We have to be willing to be bad at something before we can be good at it. 

And yes, that feels embarrassing. But it has to be!

When you go for your run tomorrow (more on that later) it might feel embarrassing. If you’re a beginner, you have to let go of the image that you have everything already figured out.

You might want to look like you’ve got your sh*t together – but that is only possible if,  guess what, you’re not growing and learning.

So, what do we do about it?

Well, I’ve got an activity I want you to complete.

That’s what your task is today!

So, find a quiet corner (if you have small children like me, may I recommend hiding in the car?), grab a pen and paper, and answer these questions:


Today’s Activity

Answer the below questions:

  1. What would you do, if you didn’t feel embarrassed?
    Would you learn to surf? Ski? Ballroom dance? Go back to university? Renovate houses? Ummm…. would you start running?
    List them out.
  2. Now, have a think back over the past decade or so. What new skills have you learnt in the past?
    Did you change jobs or careers? Did you learn how to become a dog owner, or a Mum? Did you learn how to water ski? Did they feel embarrassing to learn? Yes or no? It’s OK if it was embarrassing, and it’s also ok if it wasn’t.
    Have a think and jot your answers down…
  3. Now answer this: What could you gain by learning something new, like running?
    What benefits would come from learning how to run?

If you don’t have any pen and paper, I created this editable worksheet for you.

You can download it here.

Here’s the thing:
The things we want for ourselves very often live on the other side of fear.

And if you want to grow, and change, well, embarrassing yourself is gonna be part of the process.

And that, my friend, is a very good and normal thing.

So, this week is all about helping you get after the things you want.

I want you to embarrass yourself!

The more you do it, the more you realise no one else has their sh*t together either.

Oh, and by the way – surrounding yourself with a supportive community (like our Facebook group) can make all the difference.  So, once you know your answers to Question 3, why not jump into our Facebook group and share your answer with the crew. I know it can feel scary to share, but you might just inspire someone else to get started.

Click here to share in the Facebook group.

OK, that’s it for now.

I’ll be in touch a little later today with some more info on what happens tomorrow – the day we begin to RUN!

Turia x


PS – I recorded a special episode of my podcast for you today. Listen here.

Day Two

Good morning mate!

It’s Day Two.

You know what that means, yeah?

Today, we run.

^ That you?

If it is, don’t worry! I’ve got you, OK?

And I’ve seen thousands of women feel just like you before they went for their first run.

I promise you this:

If you can trust me, and watch and read all the resources I’ve put together for you, you can do this, OK?

So, how long should you run for today?

And, um, how should you actually, y’know, run?

Get all the details (how to’s, videos, panic managing methods – the works!) on the task page here:
Click here to get started.

Turia x

PS – I know your inner critic might be telling you something like “you can’t do this”, or “maybe tomorrow”, or “I’ll try next week”…..

Your inner critic is gonna come up with lots of reasons that you can’t or shouldn’t start. It’s OK. This is scary. Doing something new is ALWAYS scary.

I know you might feel scared, or uncertain, or worried. But could you give it a go anyway?

I know you can do this.

Day Three

OK my friend, it’s time for our final task together.

You ready?

Let’s dive in.

Maybe you had success with the shuffle yesterday.

Maybe you found it easier than you expected.

Or maybe you didn’t quite make the full ten minutes.

Maybe you still felt a little too scared to start.

That’s OK. Wherever you are, this is your starting point.

So, today, I want you to answer three questions.

These questions are simple, but they’re powerful. Your answers will help set you up to have success long term with running.

So grab a pen and paper, or the notes app in your phone, and answer these questions.

Don’t have pen and paper or your phone handy? Here’s an editable worksheet you can use.

Question #1: Why do you want to learn how to run?
Do you want to feel more confident? Be a good role model for kids and grandkids? Feel stronger and fitter? Be able to jump into community events like Parkrun? Feel adventurous again?

Question #2: What would a successful running routine look like for you?
Do you want to be able to run 5kms? Would you just like to get out the door for 20 minutes a few times a week to free up some mental space? 

Question #3: What do you need to implement this routine?
Do you need to know what strength exercises to do? Do you need to learn more about breathing? Do you need to know how to avoid injury and burnout? Do you need help working out how to prioritise yourself (amongst the sea of things you do for everyone else)? Do you need help to take your ten minute shuffle to 5kms?

In other words, what knowledge, skills or support do you need in order to make running a sustainable part of your life?

Because that’s what we want, yeah? We don’t want this to be something a few times and then give up on.

We want this to be the start of a consistent, joyous, fitness routine. Something that works into YOUR life, and not the other way around.

So, have a think, write your answers out, and I’ll be in touch soon with what comes next.

Turia x


PS – See you on our webinar tonight?

The best way to wrap up our challenge together! I’ll be sharing steps to take next, and the mistakes you want to avoid as you begin to build the shuffle into your life more consistently.

Register here.

HINT: I’ll also be sharing a massive discount for Run with Turia, my nine-week beginners running program, on the webinar tonight. I’ll also add in our Get Ready To Run prep plan to follow from here on out! So if you want to keep the momentum building, and you want to keep learning with me, keep your eyes peeled for more info.

NOTE: We only open 500 spaces inside Run with Turia, so I’d recommend moving on this pretty quickly when doors open. Our spots always sell out.


PPS – You can find today’s podcast right here. I share three reasons why you might have found running difficult in the past. I’ll be diving into these ideas a bit more on the webinar tonight. So I thought it might make some good pre-listening.


“I can run” – a special ep of my podcast:

After the fire, lots of doctors tried to prepare me for the new ‘limitations’ of my body.

I listened, sort of. But I was determined to run again. And not just run. I wanted to do an Ironman. What I didn’t realised was how much more running would become for me – in my recovery, for my well-being, as a business person and now as a Mum.

In this episode of the podcast, we celebrate one of the mums who joined Run with Turia and realised that running was much more for her too. I’d love you to listen to her story too….

Got questions for me?

Get all the a’s to your q’s inside our Facebook group.

If you’ve got questions about what to do when this challenge ends, or if you just wanna have a chat about how you’re feeling and get some general advice from me and the team, come and join us over in our Facebook group.

Join the Facebook group here.

Meet your coaches

Turia Pitt

Ahhhh, that’s me (You know me already, yeah?)

But let’s recap: I’m a Mum of two boys, a runner, Ironman, author and the creator of RUN with Turia – a running program I’ve created specifically for Mums (but anyone can join! Whether you’re a Mum or not, anyone who wants to learn how to carve out some “me time” is welcome to join!).

Coach Bel

I met Bel when I was slogging it out training for my first ever Ironman back in 2016. Bel took me under her wing, trained with me, and shared her deep passion for post-race hot chips with me. When I started planning Run with Turia, I knew she would make the perfect coach.

She’s a Level 1 Triathlon Coach , certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Remedial Massage Therapist who has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. She previously worked as running coach for Can Too, teaching beginners how to run and in turn, funding research to help cure cancer (so yeah, she’s a saint).

Bel designs all of the programs inside Run with Turia, and I’m stoked that she can share all of her wisdom (chip-related and non-chip related) with you!

Fun stuff to listen to this week.


What happens if you stuff it all up?

A three minute pep talk from me about failing.

Maybe you’ve got some big goals mapped out for yourself this year (um, you’re in this challenge, so yes, I know you do!), and maybe you’re feeling a bit afraid that you’re gonna stuff it up. Maybe you’re worried you’re gonna fail.

I have some advice.

Listen here.

Songs that make you feel good

A cruisy mix songs to listen to when you want to hit pause, take a beat and change your day around. Listen here, or click the player below.

More daily pep talks

Daily pep talk podcasts – each less than four minutes long.

Stories, anecdotes and tips from me. Something you can pop on every morning, and ponder throughout the day.

Follow to catch every episode.

“Turia, I’m still scared of running”

 Totally normal, my friend. Doing something hard, like running, IS scary.

But I promise you it can be doable. I’m gonna show you how.

Stick with me over the next few days and I’ll get you started, OK?

Slow and steady, my friend!

Don’t think you’re a “runner”?

That’s what these women thought.

They joined my 10 week running program Run with Turia, and life as they knew it changed.

They’re runners now!
These are their stories.

What it’s like to train with me.

I’m so proud of the legends I’ve worked with in the past. Here are some of their stories.

“Thanks to Turia, I feel like no matter what gets thrown at me, I now have the skills and mindset to get through it!”

– Cirsty

“I can’t adequately describe the shift that has occurred through this program. I always thought of runners as “others”. I now know I am a runner. Yes I am a mother, a friend, a worker but I am also a runner. I can do the hard things… because why not!”

– Eva

“Turia and the team are amazing, inspiring, motivating, kind and funny!  You will love the program, the coaching and the Facebook page!  Everyone is gorgeous and positive and generous with their feedback.  Of course you will find many challenges but you will grow and feel stronger and more empowered every day! You can do this!”

– Angela

“Put your gym membership on hold and sign up to RUN. The feeling of achievement after each run is so worth it… and so is the time for yourself.”

– Lauren

“I went from being too scared to even run for short distances at the gym to actually enjoying running. It started small, made me challenge myself in a safe way and then gave me some quick wins. It was achievable and made me feel successful.”

– Jess

“The most fun, positive and just plain wonderful group exercise experience I’ve ever had in my life!! For a fraction of the cost of a yearly gym membership (or even some boot camps) you can gain fitness, skills and most importantly the best, biggest squad of cheerleaders ever. You’ll be set up to reach amazing goals (both now and in future)!”

– Linda

“Fun, challenging, exhausting but one of the best ‘fitness’ experiences I’ve had. This program works.”

– Chrissie

“I learnt that those distances I had run in the past (that I feared were slipping away from me) were still actually in me. I just needed to believe I could do it. Having Turia’s and Bel’s encouragement as well as this wonderful group of fellow runners helps prove to me that I’m not alone.”

– Sandy

“I’ve discovered just how much I need running – it’s the best head clearer there is. I’m proud that I’ve been able to push through mental and physical barriers, and am running further than I have in 8 years!”

– Amanda

“This is the first training program where I actually saw results and achieved the goal I set myself well ahead of time. The support, training tips and program is perfectly structured to ensure success.”

– Debbie

“Run with Turia is amazing! Fun, flexible and informative. I never thought I could enjoy running for over an hour! Amazed how this program has not only inspired me but my 9 year old (occasional) running buddy.”

– Yvonne

“Run with Turia gave me my sense of self back and gave me time to focus on just me”

– Christie

Got more questions?

Coach Bel and I answer all the most common questions we get about running, PLUS explore the 7 reasons we think stop most people from running in this live chat. Watch it below.