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I’ve been feeling guilty

By December 19, 2019No Comments

Ever since I had Hakavai, I’ve made a great new friend.

Her name is Mother Guilt and, look, she’s an opinionated lass.

She makes snide remarks when I serve up dinner (“You really should have made sure that was organic produce”) ”, when I’m tired (“Did you really need a coffee this morning?”) and when I didn’t quite get through all the laundry (“No one else lets their kid walk around in a dirty tee shirt. You’re a TERRIBLE mother” – yeah, she’s also v. dramatic. Zero sense of humour. Not actually sure why we’re friends to be honest).

But her most famous quote is this classic: “‘You’re working too much. Why aren’t you spending more time with your family?”.

And on this, she sorta has a point.

As I’m having a baby in about 10 weeks, I’m working my tail off to make sure systems in the business are running smoothly while I’m on maternity leave. And y’know, so I can keep on making an income (Hakavai is quite accustomed to eating caviar for breakfast and wearing diamond encrusted watches to playgroup, thank you very much).

So, that means less time at the beach or park with Hakavai, and more time in a dark room with my laptop, on a table tattooed with coffee cup rings and old peanut butter toast crusts.

And of course, Mother Guilt has ramped it right up. She’s practically moved in, unpacked all of her stuff and set up her own Netflix profile ?

But today, I’ve been trying to take a moment and remind myself WHY I’m doing it all.

See, I want a business that allows me to work on the stuff that I actually want to work on (like writing these letters to you and creating books, programs and adventures that help people get happier and more confident).

That’s important to me.

And so, a little work now to give me more freedom in the future – that’s an investment I’m willing to make.

So, for now, I’ll pour myself another coffee, roll on some InTune oil and get back to work.

And here’s the thing I want you to know:
I don’t think we’re ever gonna feel like we’ve got everything right.

There’s always gonna be something that Mother Guilt will wanna pick at.

But if you’re investing in building the life YOU want for yourself, well, I reckon that’s a pretty good effort.

No guilt required, thank you very much.

Turia xx