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It’s harder to hate yourself, than to love yourself (with Carly Findlay)

By August 23, 2023No Comments

Carly Findlay, appearance advocate and author, doesn’t know why people expect her not to love herself, because she does – unconditionally.

It’s this type of thinking that’s driven Carly to do the work she does advocating for face equality and increasing the visibility of those with a facial difference; because respect and love shouldn’t be determined by how you look.

Listen to Carly and I talk all things face equality, the assumptions people make about the abilities of others and how Carly moves past harmful beauty standards.

You can find Carly on instagram @CarlyFindlay, or head to her website

One more thing…

If you’re struggling with this whole self love journey, I have something that might help. I recorded some Self Love Audio Notes that you can listen to.

Six simple audio notes you can listen to whenever you need a self love boost.

They’re free, and you can pop them on and listen whenever you need reminding that you are, in fact, pretty fucking amazing.

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