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Is B-School right for you?

By March 2, 2022No Comments

Before I dive in to this, one quick thing:

If you’ve been reminding yourself to take a look at “that B-School thing Turia keeps talking about” now is the time to click this link.

B-School only happens once a year and enrolments close this week.

I’d hate for you to go to look into it and find that the doors are closed!

So, here’s the link again.


OK, let’s get into it.

So, you’ve been reading all my stories about B-School over the past couple of weeks. Maybe you’ve even clicked through to learn more about the bonus I’m offering as an affiliate.

And maybe you’re wondering if it’s right for you?

Judging by the emails and DMs I’ve received over the past few days, there’s more than a few people wondering the same thing.

So I thought I’d share my answers to the top 8 questions people have asked me.

After all, while B-School is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business,  I want to make sure that you’re making the best decision for YOU.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I already have a business. What will B-School actually teach me?
    Amazing. In short? It will teach you a lot.
    Maybe you’re already an established business owner with an online presence but not making as much money as you’d like (and by the way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make more money).
    Or maybe you’ve got a bricks and mortar business like a restaurant, a book shop, or a yoga studio and you want to get online so you can build better relationships with your customers, find new customers (ones that you actually want to work with) and yes, make more money.
    B-School will teach you how to find the right customers, how to build a meaningful presence online, and make more profit.
    Here’s the lesson overview.
  2. B-School is quite an investment. Is it really worth it?
    In my personal opinion, YES. B-School is the best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Hands down. It has more than paid for itself! And I still go back, year after year, to re-do certain modules. I think the value is outstanding and worth every cent.
    But it is an investment. They do offer a payment plan that breaks the cost out over 12 months. That makes things a lot more manageable. Check out all the costs here.
  3. I don’t have a business yet (I have a few ideas circling round my head though). Is B-School still right for me?
    Yes, I think B-School will still be appropriate. There’s an incredible bonus program that you get straight away when you enrol. It’s called Start The Right Business and it’s perfect if you’re not sure what kind of business to start. Maybe you have too many ideas to choose from or aren’t sure your idea will work. If you’re drowning in confusion, this program will give you serious clarity (and save you lots of time and money) and help you start the right business for you.
    And the best thing about B-School (and my bonus) is that you get access to the lessons for life. I should be clear though – B-School won’t help you figure out your business idea per se. While you’ll do a lot of work identifying your ideal customer, it’s usually best to have at least one viable business idea before you join. But if you’re a business beginner who wants to build an audience, and make money doing what you love – B-School is perfect for you.
  4. I’ll be away for a couple of weeks when the course is running. Will I miss out on anything?
    Nope! You get access to the lessons (and my bonus!) for life. And the B-School community is super engaged – you can chat to other B-Schoolers year round!
  5. I’ve read all the testimonials… but surely there must be people B-School hasn’t worked for? How do I know it will work for me?
    In short, you can’t know that for sure. Of course, you could enrol in B-School and not have results. But there’s a money back guarantee to protect you if that’s the case. So, if you enrol, and you do the work, and you don’t have any results, you’ll get refunded 100%. Risk level: 0. And I will say this: the refund rate for B-School sits at 1%.I personally believe that, like with anything, if you do the work you will have results.And back in 2016 I didn’t know if it would work for me either! But for me, I knew that if I didn’t try to do things differently, I’d be stuck in the same place forever. I’m so very glad that I did it.
  6. How much can I actually learn in an online course? Will I miss out on interacting with others in the course too?
    You will be blown away by the value in this course. I promise you that. And as for community? Well, you’ll get access to the B-School community AND my B-School Facebook group for life as well, so it’s really a matter of just engaging with everyone when and where you can. My experience has been that B-Schoolers stay pretty engaged with each other year round. We’re a fun bunch!
  7. I’ve already invested in some marketing and a business coach. Can they all work together or should I wait to do B-School?
    In my personal opinion, yes. 100% yes.
    In fact, I found that what I learnt in B-School helped me work with coaches and consultants BETTER.
    B-School helped me get clear on my ideal customer and how to actually communicate with my audience. That meant I could work more effectively with my team and, if I can be frank, has saved me a lot of money and time in the long run. If you want to get clear on who your customer is, how to build trust with them and how to market yourself and your services and products better, B-School is perfect for you!
  8. I’m really busy in the reality of my business (making my product, packing and shipping my orders, doing all my social media stuff etc etc) I’m just not sure I have the time to do this.
    OK, firstly, I fully understand that life. You are BUSY! Running your own business is like that!
    Ultimately, you’ve got to do what’s right for you. I can’t tell you what you have time for. But I will say that sometimes you have to make time for things that will help you move forward. B-School is absolutely an investment in time and money, but for me it paid off in a major way. It taught me how to do things better and smarter, which is always a good thing! It also taught me what to focus on, which made me feel less cluttered and “busy”. That clarity was so helpful.You also get lifetime access so there’s no need to do it all in the same timeframe and at the same pace as others.


In short?

If you feel like there’s gotta be more out there – more flexibility, more money, more time, more pride, more satisfaction, more creativity….

If you want the excitement and satisfaction of building a brand and business you believe in….

If you want to make an impact on the world, and make money doing it ….

B-School is 1000% the right step for you.

And I don’t want you to wait another year before you start making that dream a reality.

Click here to learn more and get started.

Turia xx


PS – If you’re keen to jump in, make sure you click through to enrol from one of the links above.

You’ll be taken to Marie’s site to finish enroling, but as long as you get there using one of my links, you’ll be registered under me – and you’ll get access to all the extra support, coaching and advice offered in my bonus. Yewww!

Just want to enrol right now? Excellent. Use this link and you’ll be tracked as one of my members.


PPS – I’ve been recommending B-School to my friends for years now and am STOKED to officially be an Affiliate Partner this year. That basically means that if you do choose to join B-School through me, I may earn a commission. You know I’m serious about what I recommend – I only share stuff that has really worked for me, and B-School sits wayyyyy up on the top of my “This actually works” list!