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Self Care

If you’re a bit tired and stressed…

By November 28, 2019No Comments

It was hot on the South Coast this week.

And windy. And smoky – the after effect of a few bushfires in our local area.

And I’ve been tired. I mean, yes, I’m growing another human being! So, I’ve got a pretty good excuse.

But I’m also working on some really big (and exciting!!) projects in the business, and I’m madly trying to finish writing my next book. And all of the deadlines feel a bit intense.

As I left a meeting with my team on Tuesday, my head full of things I needed to do, and a certain feeling of tired defeat snaking its way through my belly, I made a split decision.

I turned the car around and headed straight for the beach. I pulled into the carpark in a cloud of dust, wrenched off my dress and ran straight into the water.

It wasn’t calm and aquamarine. No palm trees swaying.

It was overcast. The wind was whipping sand across the beach with a force that stung my ankles. The water was rough.

But it was cold. And as I drove home, my skin tingled.
My head was clear. And I felt good.

Great, actually.

It was therapeutic. And not to be a stickler for facts but ocean swimming actually forms the basis of a therapeutic medicine called thalassotherapy.

And the benefits? There are stacks. A cold dip helps you feel more alert, reduces stress in the body and is good for your immunity and circulation. That’s why a cold shower is part of my morning mindset routine. It helps reset my body and my mind.

So, it doesn’t matter how busy my day is.

Or how long my to do list is.

I never regret a swim.

In fact, I never regret doing anything that adds value to my life or makes me feel good. I never finish a work out and think “Man, I should’ve stayed in bed!”. I never regret spending that extra hour playing with Hakavai when I probably should have been picking up approx 76 odd socks from the living room floor.

So, here’s my message to you:
Go for a bloody swim!

I know you’re tired.

I know you’re sick of opening ten thousand emails about end of year sales, and reading about all the things you “should” be doing as the end of the year approaches. I know you’re trying to get through your workload and show up at all the parties and weddings and functions in your calendar.

I know all of that.

But go for a swim. Jump in a cold shower.

You won’t regret it.

Turia x

PS – After a quick cold shower, there are four other things I do in the morning to help me set up my day. It’s a routine that takes maybe five minutes total, and it helps me to shift my perspective, get focused, create energy and feel more positive and grateful. Not altogether bad for five mins! You can give it a whirl here.

PPS – I almost forgot to tell you!! Last week I announced my next fundraising trek for Interplast. We’ll be taking on part of the insanely beautiful Larapinta Trail next September and about half of the spots have been snapped up already which is so cool! If you’d like to join us, you can!

Also, I just heard that they’re running a Black Friday sale this Friday through Monday and there are massive discounts on the registration fee. I think almost $200 off the early bird fee (and about a total of 50% saving on the standard registration fee). So, if you were thinking of joining, that’s probably a good time to sign up. 

And look, I added another end of year sale to your inbox – see how I did that?! Clever huh?! ?