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I made bee gatorade

By November 10, 2020No Comments

As you know, Michael has bees.

(And if you didn’t know, well, now you do).

And on one particularly fine Saturday this month, I went downstairs to hang out the laundry.

(I’m not a domestic goddess by any stretch. The laundry had been sitting in the washing machine for at least 12 hours).

On the back patio I noticed a bee struggling. And then I saw a few more. Tiny furry bee bodies dotted all over the pavement. I inspected one closer. She (He? They?) had pollen stuck all over her legs, and I suspected that maybe she was fatigued from her arduous journey to forage for pollen.

(Honestly bees are INCREDIBLE. Did you know that bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world to produce one kilo of honey?? I did not know that. Now I know and I’m impressed).

Anyway, I quickly ran upstairs and made some bee gatorade. I got this tip from Courtney from @napkinapocalpyse. It’s basically just sugar and water.

And it worked! I managed to revive them.

Soon, we had some happy little bees flying around the backyard again.

And honestly? I felt bloody great about it.

It made my day.

Doing something kind and helping someone else – it always makes you feel good. Even if that someone is a tiny winged insect.

It’s something I talk about in my new book ‘Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations)‘.

It’s been a massive two year process to research and write and I’m beyond pumped for you to read it.

Much love,
T x

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